Microsoft Copilot but without necessarily having an account? It can be done and you just have to practice a completely legal trick.

The fascination for products that exploit artificial intelligence is still very high and it couldn’t be otherwise. For this reason, the move made by Microsoft to bring its Copilot out of Windows PCs and into anything that can work with a chip is very interesting.

Use Copilot without an account, the clever trick (photo Google Play Store Microsoft) – Sjbeez

Copilot is the assistant found inside Windows 11 and allows you to navigate everyday life and carry out many tasks without having to type almost anything on the keyboard, leaving the artificial intelligence to carry out most of the tasks. assignments.

But, as with other apps and other ideas from Microsoft, Copilot is also moving away from the more strictly Windows environment to also arrive on smartphones. If you want to use Microsoft’s virtual assistant you just have to install this app on your smartphone.

Microsoft’s Copilot also ready for Android

Copilot is perhaps one of the most interesting innovations regarding the Windows environment. Microsoft’s operating system is in fact the first to implement a virtual assistant that can exploit the most advanced language models. For those who don’t have a Windows computer, however, the alternative was to go through Bing.

How to have Copilot without Windows? With an app – Sjbeez

But Bing, being essentially a search engine, has an interface that can be chaotic and distracting. To overcome the distractions of Bing, Microsoft has therefore decided to release a separate Copilot app available for Android and, in the future, also for iOS devices. With this new app, which will however show some advertisements here and there, it is possible to receive responses in the form of text or in the form of an image with time reduced to a minimum.

In fact, Copilot uses GPT 4 on one hand and DALL-E 3 on the other. The most interesting aspect is that the app is free. If you want, you can use it even without necessarily having a Microsoft account. Obviously, if you decide to log in with your account, there are benefits: first of all, the conversations are longer and it is possible to ask more questions. Also interesting is the fact that you can choose to use GPT 4 or not.

The use of GPT 4, as shown by several screenshots which also appeared on Elon Musk’s social network, produces creative responses but which take a little more time. On the page on the Google Play Store dedicated to this app you can take a look at what, according to Microsoft’s idea, Copilot could do.

Alongside actions that we have perhaps already seen such as summarizing, composing emails, giving advice, activities such as writing code, telling jokes, writing poems and creating images as well as playing games certainly stand out. Installing this sort of digital companion therefore opens a number of doors. It’s all about seeing what’s really on the other side.