If you want to control your PC using your smartphone, there is a very easy tutorial that you can follow today. Here’s what you need to do.

In recent years, large tech companies have increasingly focused on the interconnection between the various devices that every single user might have at home. Just think of Apple, which for some time with iOS has given the opportunity to exploit all the devices in the ecosystem with a single account. Always having data available and projects to transfer at any moment.

The tutorial to control your PC from your smartphone

Google is also working on all this, with the various apps and browsers that guarantee advanced features within everyone’s reach. And the discussion also extends to devices that use the green robot as an operating system, although it seems we have not yet reached the maximum limit. Among other things, you should know that there is a new trick that will give you a way to control your PC using your smartphone. Don’t you believe it? Here is the very easy to follow tutorial.

Control your PC using your smartphone: here is the tutorial to follow

If you want to control your PC using your smartphone, you should know that there is a quick and easy technique that will allow you to do it in no time. So that, via your phone screen, you have everything at your fingertips. And the computer will act accordingly, without the need to use either a mouse or keyboard. Reduced times and maximum convenience, two of the factors on which Google has decided to focus.

How to use Remote Desktop to connect your PC to your smartphone

First, you need to turn on your PC and open your browser. At this point, type the address remotedesktop.google.com in the search bar and wait. You will now need to go to your device and download the Remote Desktop app of the same name. Which is available on both iOS and Android via Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Once this operation is completed, open the app from your smartphone and a list of all the devices that can be connected for remote control will appear. If you followed all the steps correctly, your computer should be there too (still connected to Remote Desktop).

Select it and in a few seconds the operation will be completed, so that the PC desktop will also be shown on the phone. Here with your finger you can control the cursor, use the keyboard to perform searches, start videos from YouTube and much more. Everything at your fingertips with a convenient app that can be downloaded for free and in just a few seconds.