Google Wallet can also work offline for payments, but how does it do it? We finally have the definitive explanation.

Digital payment systems have gained more and more acceptance in recent years. These are latest generation technologies that exploit the NFC of smartphones to give consumers the opportunity to pay directly by placing the phone on a POS. Just register your credit card and you’re done.

Here’s how Google Wallet works offline too

If Apple Pay remains the most popular standard, Google Wallet also manages to have its say on Android smartphones and is attracting the interest of a growing number of users. Especially because of features designed by developers that are innovative and could soon revolutionize the sector. Among other things, it is possible to operate Google Wallet even offline. But how is this possible? Here is the definitive explanation.

Google Wallet offline for payments: here’s how it works

Thanks to a new feature coming soon, Google Wallet will soon allow you to make contactless payments even without an internet connection. A fantastic addition that will give users the opportunity to pay at any time, even when there is little or no network stability.

The technology behind the offline operation of Google Wallet

But how is this possible? The answer is much simpler than you might imagine. In reality, in fact, a stable internet connection is useful for digital payment systems only when new cards are added. For everything else, however, you can also enjoy the potential offline.

What allows Google Wallet to work offline is the so-called one-time code system. That is, a sequence that is extracted from the servers and is used for a transaction when it is needed. With all the unique codes that are stored on your device. When the phone goes online, Google Wallet’s NFC system will still be able to access it and use it to pay.

Clearly it is necessary to have internet from time to time, to ensure that the phone saves new unique codes. Google explained that once every two days of connection is enough to have the code memory full. Here is the definitive answer to how Google Wallet works when the smartphone is online. A very basic technology but which allows you to access enormous benefits even when you don’t have an active network connection.