If you use Windows 11, there’s great news for you. Microsoft is about to launch a dream power-up: what it is.

The Windows operating system is by far the most used in the world when it comes to the IT sector. Always a bitter enemy of Apple and macOS, Microsoft’s software has been able to update itself over the years and integrate increasingly advanced functions in line with the needs that emerged from community feedback.

Windows 11, the new upgrade is a dream

The latest version, namely Windows 11, has brought with it a rich series of very interesting additions that point straight to the future. But obviously it doesn’t end here, because – since these are constantly updated systems – we can expect further innovations in the immediate future. And in this sense, there is an upgrade that could soon become a reality that will allow you to enjoy a tool that has been requested for years.

Windows 11, the new upgrade is what you’ve been waiting for

Soon Microsoft could release a new crazy update that will introduce a feature long requested by users. This was discovered by some industry experts who were able to work on the preview build 22635.2915 in beta version. Which among other things, has a tool for creating custom voice shortcuts.

Windows 11 brings a huge change to the system

Going into more detail, this innovation will allow you to save some sentences to pronounce by voice in order to activate Quick Commands and therefore access programs and functions without having to use a mouse and keyboard. For example, if you say "Enter work address," you’ll see that Microsoft will automatically paste the office address you saved.

At the moment this tool has been made available in French, German and Spanish. Besides obviously English, for which he was already active. If everything goes as planned, we can expect the upgrade in the Italian language in the next few weeks. However, we are talking about a beta version, and therefore before the definitive and stable release it will presumably be necessary to wait until the first half of 2024.

We will see how the functionality will be exploited by consumers and whether it will achieve the desired success. The premises are more than good and follow the direction in which the tech market in general is moving. That is, to provide shortcuts and ways to save time and at the same time access all the features and tools you need.