In 2024 Rai 1 will propose “Gerri”, a fiction that promises to be interesting in terms of plot and cast. Here’s what it is and when we’ll see it.

Dramas have long been one of the strong points of Rai’s programming, which has always tried to focus on different genres in order to try to capture the interest of the greatest number of people. The results have been seen in recent years, with ratings that are anything but low, despite having to deal with competition from streaming and pay TV platforms.

Dramas will remain a strong point of the Rai schedule also in 2024 – Photo | ANSA

There will be no shortage of new features in the coming year too, some of which are truly highly anticipated. Among these is “Gerri”, an adaptation of a success by the Edizioni E/O publishing house like “My Brilliant Friend”. The series was inspired by the novels of Giorgia Lepore, who gave life to the character of Gerri starting from the book “I sons sono pieces of heart” published in 2015.

Very often, fiction that is inspired by successful books sparks quite a bit of interest, not only from those who don’t know the story, but also from those who have had the opportunity to read the text and want to understand that the plot is faithful. This feeling can only also concern “Gerri”, scheduled for four prime time slots on Rai1 (there are no certainties yet on the date).

"Gerri" is coming to Rai1: the plot

The protagonist of the series is inspector Gregorio Esposito, known as Gerri, a Neapolitan of Roma origin who decided to do this job to put his difficult past behind him. In fact, his parents abandoned him as a child and he was raised by a street priest together with a lay nun who looked after a family home in the Campania capital.

Gerri, new fiction coming to Rai – Photo | RaiPlay

His personality is two-faced: the lack of affection he had in his childhood makes it difficult for him to become attached to women, although he is certainly charming, while at work he does not neglect any detail and does everything possible to solve the cases entrusted to him . Supporting him at the police station is Alfredo Marinetti, his boss who has bonded with him to the point of considering him almost a son.

Complicating his life will be a new colleague, Lea Coen, who seems to have a strong dislike for him, which pushes her to not want to have anything to do with him. Soon, however, the mutual attraction they begin to feel will make them change their minds. When a drama is about to arrive, in addition to the plot, it can only be important to know the members of the cast. And this can only concern “Gerri”, which includes a mix of well-known actors and young people who aim to make themselves known through this work.

The protagonist is Giulio Beranek, an actor with a Czech father and a mother of Spanish origins, coming from a family of carnies. Those who love Rai TV series may have seen him in “Live and let live”, where he played the role of Luciano. Alongside him there will be Roberta Caronia, Carlotta Natoli, Massimo Wertmuller, Irene Ferri, Cristina Cappelli and Valentina Romani, just to name a few. The production was entrusted to Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz and Claudia Aloisi for Cattleya, in collaboration with Rai Fiction.