Have you ever thought about turning your phone into a game boy to relive your childhood? Now you can do it simply and for free.

It was the 90s, mobile phones were still a luxury for a select few and didn’t even have a screen, televisions were cathode ray tubes and the general quality of the images was much lower than what we can enjoy today. In such a context, Nintendo’s Game Boy was not only a huge novelty, but something extremely technological, something never seen before.

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The very idea of ​​being able to play video games on the move, of always carrying your favorite video games with you was something that no one would have ever thought of. It is therefore no coincidence that Nintendo’s first portable console was a global success and that there are still people today who remember it with nostalgia and would like to have one as a collection and to be able to play with it.

Obviously the most coveted Game Boy remains the first, the one that had a screen with a 70s definition, which weighed as much as a brick and which was of a single color. After all, first love is never forgotten and there are many people who have had Nintendo’s historic first model as their first portable console.

Here’s how to turn your iPhone into a Game Boy

Years have passed since those years in which the Nintendo console was the only tool for playing games but they seem like geological eras. Today it is possible to play with any smartphone and iPhone at a quality that until a few years ago was truly unthinkable. You don’t even need to buy the “cartridges”, since you can conveniently download the application you want with a few simple clicks.

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But what if you wanted to relive the thrill of having a Game Boy in your hands? Certainly the second-hand market allows for an enormous variety of possible choices. There are many models to purchase and it is easy to take home even the first unforgettable model. Of course, today it might seem anachronistic to ride with one of those on the street or play with those graphics.

So why not just remember it visually? With iPhones, but also with smartphones this is not only possible, but it is also simple to do. In fact, all you need to do is download some wallpapers. For example, if you want to give your smartphone screen the look of a Game Boy Sp you can go to Gamroad for free.

Downloading the various wallpapers on these stores is totally free, as is doing so from Wallpaperize or Game Boy Wallpaper on Etsy. In short, there is certainly no shortage of offer and among all the various stores you can choose the model and color of Game Boy you prefer to be able to set it as the main or lock screen of your phone.