If you have deleted files on your Mac, don’t despair. Here’s how to recover them immediately, it only takes a few minutes.

Who has never deleted files by accident? Maybe because you decide to do a general cleaning and move entire folders to the Recycle Bin, or even more simply due to an oversight. In these cases, it is thought that there is nothing left to be done and that those elements have been lost forever. But in reality this is not the case.

The guide to recover accidentally deleted files on Mac

In fact, if you have a Mac, you should know that there are some quick and easy steps to ensure that everything is recovered in no time. Here is the complete guide that you need to follow immediately. By doing so, you will be able to conveniently have every single file you need back on the hard disk. Without doing too much research, a few minutes and you will have done.

Files deleted by mistake, how to recover them immediately on Mac

Thanks to this convenient and quick guide, you will be able to recover all your accidentally deleted files on Mac in just a few minutes. And you won’t even have to necessarily download a third-party program, it’s all available within MacOS. With the system software having an internal trick that is designed precisely for oversights of this type.

Files deleted by mistake, this is how you recover them on Mac

In fact, all you need to do is use the Time Machine, which is a feature that allows you to generate automatic or manual backups. To start it immediately, you need to go to System Settings, General and then choose the Time Machine item on the right. At this point, click Browse Time Machine backups and you can select the one you need based on the time, day, week or even month. Once you’ve found what you need, click Restore and you’re done.

Alternatively, there are also free third-party software that allow you to do this. One of them is PhotoRec, especially useful if the lost files were saved on SD cards, external hard drives. After downloading it, you will be asked to select the path and enter the administration password. After clicking OK and granting the necessary permissions, the software will proceed to provide you with all the files that you have accidentally deleted. So you can recover everything and have it back at your disposal.