A new app powered by the powers of Artificial Intelligence is generating curiosity and concern among users.

It was a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence arrived in increasingly private and personal areas of people. After having invaded every work sector, having become part of our household appliances and even having taken control of some shops, AI now wants to enter our love lives too. And it’s not a simple improvement of dating apps: no, she really wants to be our girlfriend.

Here comes the AI ​​that lets you meet a girlfriend – Computer-idea

In recent weeks, a new app, “Digi AI Romance”, has gone viral, which uses the latest technological innovation to create perfect partners for us and then creates them with an animated style very similar to that of Disney Pixar films. It is a singular product, which has already divided public opinion: on YouTube you can already find dozens of videos in which commentators are all asking the same thing: are we really heading towards this type of future?

It seems like we might even fall in love with AI one day

Digi AI Romance is a chatbot that learns about the user and gradually adapts to their preferences. Basically, what we all want from our partners. Despite the promise of a realistic and human experience, however, the app has raised concerns among social media users. There are fears that the growing popularity of virtual boyfriends and girlfriends could contribute to the deterioration of real relationships, increasing the distance between people.

Many wonder whether girlfriends created with AI are a threat to the future of humanity (Photo YouTube The AI ​​Breakdown: Artificial Intelligence News) – Sjbeez

Luckily, it seems that the app is still a long way from providing a truly immersive experience like you would have with a person: users have reported that the graphics, avatar voice and flow of words are not as smooth as shown in the demo version. The development team admitted to the difficulties, citing unexpectedly high traffic and the need to deploy more GPUs to handle demand.

Despite its imperfections, the app is gaining popularity and has landed at #98 in the most downloaded apps in the entertainment category on the Apple App Store. On the Google Play Store it has totaled over 10,000 downloads. Meanwhile, debate continues on related moral issues, such as the app’s impact on social isolation and the risk that it could contribute to a distorted view of human relationships.

It is a situation that has been talked about for some time and which has also been explored by films and TV series of the dystopian genre. This situation, in particular, is very reminiscent of the plot of the film "HER", in which the protagonist falls in love with the voice of his AI assistant. Beyond all fears and ethical questions, this app leads users to ask themselves: how far is our reality still from that cinematic scenario?