If you have a Mac, do this right now and you will make it much faster. It takes a minute – here’s the complete guide.

Apple is also focusing more and more decisively on its Macs. With several latest generation models launched in the last year and many other innovations that could see the light as early as the first weeks of 2024. With an eye on the software, which today is considered among the most futuristic ever.

If you do this, your Mac will become extremely faster

MacOS in fact guarantees maximum compatibility with all other Apple devices, as well as some programs available by default which guarantee an absolute level in terms of performance and usability. However, if after some time of use you notice the first slowdowns, you should know that not all is lost. In fact, there are some steps that will come in handy to get it running like a chip again. Here is the complete guide, one minute of your time and you will have solved it.

Mac faster than ever: here are the steps to follow

Thanks to this convenient and quick guide, your Mac will achieve crazy results and you won’t be able to believe your eyes. It will be like having purchased a brand new one, but in reality all you will have done is play with some internal settings available by default with the MacOS operating system made available by the Apple developer team.

Faster Mac thanks to interactive on-screen widgets (Apple Screenshot)

To benefit from this feature, you just need to make sure you have the MacOS Sonoma update available. That is, the latest update made available. At this point, you will be able to activate interactive widgets on the desktop. To do this, just open the Notification Center and then drag what you need to the desktop. Or alternatively press the ctrl+click keys on the screen and then tap Edit Widget.

By doing so, there will be a search bar with which you can search for all the widgets you need. And there is also total customization, with the possibility of choosing the size and in which position to place them on the desk. Obviously at a later time you will be able to remove everything if you are not satisfied or do not need it.

Just press the ctrl+click combination on the screen once again and then select Remove Widget. This is a fantastic innovation that will give you the opportunity to speed up both the Mac itself and the operations you want to do. You will have everything on your desktop, without the need to search for every single app and program manually.