Have you ever thought about creating a song with artificial intelligence? Now you can, in just a few minutes you will create an authentic masterpiece.

Who has never dreamed at least once in their life of becoming a successful musician and singing their own songs. But then comes the real world, which requires knowledge, techniques and basic talent to ensure that your productions are of a high standard and ready to be appreciated by the public. If in recent years technology has already allowed more and more emerging people to succeed, in particular thanks to social networks, the future could be marked by another factor.

How to use AI to create music

That is, artificial intelligence which, as you probably already know, allows you to access more and more useful and potentially revolutionary functions. Today we are specifically talking to you about a website that is based on AI and gives you the opportunity to create your song in a few minutes. By providing the right prompts, you will create a copyright free masterpiece to use whenever and however you want.

Create a song with artificial intelligence: here’s how to do it

Thanks to this very useful tool, in a few seconds you will be able to create your dream song using artificial intelligence. Without the need to start from any “base”, your textual prompts will be enough and the site we will talk about will take care of the rest directly.

Suno.ai is the site for creating a song with artificial intelligence (screenshot Suno.ai)

It’s called Suno.ai and, although it’s not completely free, it gives you the opportunity to test its potential with as many as 50 credits that are made available when you create your account. Each single project costs 10 credits, so you will have the opportunity to create at least 5 songs for free. Which becomes 10, if you consider that you are being made to listen to two different versions. But how does it all work in detail?

Just like ChatGPT, there is a text box to enter various prompts. And so here you can write what genre you want, what the text should be about, what the rhythm should be, the “mood” and so on. Also having the opportunity to take care of minimal details such as the tone of the voice, the gender of the singer and much more.

Once this operation is completed, click send and the AI ​​will take care of the rest. In a few moments you can listen to the finished project and download it so you always have it available. And as mentioned, it is copyright free, useful if you need an audio track for a video on YouTube or for a Reels on Instagram.