For card payments, portable POSs have been the best solution for some time now. Here are the most reliable and economical on the market.

In recent years, the world of digital payments has undergone some revolutionary changes to say the least. More and more people decide to pay directly with their smartphone, using the wallets made available by Apple and Google. But not only that, because banks have also updated themselves and presented advanced systems for the so-called POS. That is, the payment that takes place by touching the credit card on a designated device.

The best portable POS for digital payments

If you run a commercial business, you will most likely already have a device dedicated to this type of payment near the cash register. But you should know that there are some solutions that are much more efficient, especially if you have tables outside and want to reach customers to allow them to pay directly on the spot: portable POS. Here are the most reliable and economical on the market, so you don’t do anything wrong.

Portable POS: the best for making card payments

Portable POS terminals have long been the best solution for making card payments via contact. There are several variants on the market, but you could run into “rips” if you rely on the wrong device. Perhaps due to prices that are too high, or due to a quality not in line with your expectations. Thanks to this guide, you will always know who to rely on so that you never miss anything.

These are the best portable POS for quality-price ratio

Let’s start with SumUp Air, a fantastic portable POS that supports credit, debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay payments. Thanks to its LCD screen and 1300 mAh battery, it gives you the opportunity to pay either by placing your card or smartphone near it or by inserting everything into the appropriate bar and entering your PIN. The cost is 29 euros on eBay.

A valid alternative is Nexi’s Mobile POS, another portable POS equipped with a digital signature and a dedicated payment app that accepts all major credit, debit and prepaid cards. As well as digital wallet services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can find it for 14 euros on Amazon and there are no commissions for small companies.

Finally, we recommend myPOS Go 2, designed for contactless payments and with the unique feature of being able to issue paper receipts. However, it must be accompanied by a third-party accessory to purchase. You can also insert a SIM inside it and you can find it on sale for 19.90 euros on Amazon.