Have you recently installed an Nvidia card in your PC? Be careful as it may melt – don’t underestimate the problem.

If we intend to play a heavy title, we will certainly need a proper video card. No one would expect to have any problems after purchasing it. Yet Nvidia users were not so lucky. In fact it seems that one of their video cards has problems regarding overheating. There is a possibility that it may not work as it should and could damage your PC.

There are new problems for those who have chosen these Nvidia graphics cards

We are talking about the Nvidia RTX 4090 card. Many people have encountered problems with cables coming loose. Unfortunately it is a rather difficult situation to bear, but containable in a certain sense. This is because adapters capable of withstanding the video card were needed. CableMod was one of the few companies to offer them. It provided 16-pin connectors with a 90-degree angle.

Video card not working, be careful if you use this one: you will not be able to play on the PC

But now the situation is definitely getting worse. The company was forced to issue a recall of its angled adapters. It turned out that the cables are not able to withstand the video card. They must therefore be withdrawn and replaced with other angled adapters. There is a risk that they will loosen or overheat, and then melt into the GPU. At that point the video card stops working, causing very great damage.

Here’s which video card you should watch out for

CableMod advised all its consumers to remove the adapters. The procedure is simple and must be performed when the computer is turned off. As if that wasn’t enough, some users have recently purchased the new adapters. Now they will no longer be able to use them until they are replaced. Unfortunately they will be forced to buy new cables, so as to support the Nvidia video card. The reports sent in the past, however, have brought good results.

CableMod’s warning was not at all accidental. In fact, it arrived after a series of specific feedback. By doing so they understood the situation and intervened before it was too late. If you have used its adapters up to this point, we strongly recommend that you remove them. Video cards have a very high cost, so it is important to avoid any possibility of failure. The situation should not be underestimated.