The audio speaker that will transform any place you are in a cinema, design and performance without equal.

An audio speaker is a technological device that serves to immerse you in the sound environment of the content you are watching. In recent times, many companies have used a large part of their resources to be able to progress at a technological level and manage to improve their products.

The cinema audio speaker – Sjbeez

Among these, a company that stands out among all is Sony, a Japanese multinational. The company is not only among the best known in electronics but is also the developer of the well-known PlayStation console. In the last quarter of this year, which is now coming to an end, Sony saw its turnover continue to grow.

Audio speaker: extraordinary design and performance for this Sony product

The Sony device that’s getting everyone excited is the HT-AX7, a portable, wireless home theater system. It is made up of a larger main speaker and two discs placed above the sides, which can be detached and reattached using the magnets they are supplied with. It is perfect for those who like to have music in the background or at maximum power and for those who want to maintain quality even if they are watching streaming content.

Sony HT-AX7 – Sjbeez

Being small in size, it is possible to have it with you during trips away from home, without ever having to lose quality or power. Also thanks to its autonomy, which reaches up to 30 hours with a 4/5 hour charge. In the upper part of the device we find the usual speaker controls with the power button, Bluetooth etc. but with a particular “Sound Field” command to have three-dimensional audio, similar to that of soundbars. Setting up and connecting this product is easy as all you need is the Sony Home Entertainment Connect application.

Based on the situation or the listening we want to have, we must place our speakers in different positions. Having two removable speakers, we can choose whether to leave them together with the main one and obtain a stereo-like result, or detach them and place them on the side and create a much deeper listening experience, perfect for watching films. If we have guests and want to keep the music playing throughout the house, we can also place the speakers in different rooms, maintaining active listening.

Thanks to the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Mapping technology we have a plus to the general experience of our listening. We cannot define it as better than Dolby Atmos but we can say, with certainty, that it is a product to take into consideration if you want quality at a reasonable price.

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