The monitor is one of the essential components of the PC, its quality makes the difference and if you are looking for one this model is the top.

The choice of monitor to associate with our desktop computer is often underestimated, both by those who use these devices simply for work and by those who also use them for gaming. However, this is a mistake, given that a better screen allows you to see every type of content better, including files and written texts.

If you are looking for a very high quality PC monitor, this is the one for you

Furthermore, the best quality monitors have anti-glare functions, reading mode (those that eliminate the blue light that tires the eyes and creates vision problems), HDR, and input lag reduction functions which are essential for enjoying the best of video games. For those who especially love playing video games, a top-of-the-range screen is essential to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

In this regard, LG recently presented a new line of UltraGear (the models designed specifically for gaming) which has been one of the best for the gaming sector for years. These new monitors have an innovative and original function that will radically change the visual experience of all gamers. This is the Dual-Hz function that allows you to change resolution and frame rate with a simple click.

PC monitor for graphics lovers: all the features of the 32GS95UE from LG

The spearhead of this new UltraGear line is undoubtedly the 32GS95UE, a 32-inch monitor capable of switching between a 4K resolution at 240Hz and an FHD resolution at 480Hz. This means that the monitor in question is capable of managing 240 fps with 4k resolution and 480fps in FullHD.

The new LG monitor is a monster of power and has a unique feature – – Sjbeez

Already from this feature you will understand that the monitor is designed for those players who love both competitive multiplayer in which greater image fluidity is needed, and single players based on narrative, in which maximum visual quality is a must, guaranteed by both 4k and the Oled panel capable of enhancing blacks and better outlining the images.

The 32GS95UE is modern not only in its features, but also in its design as it has a completely borderless and very thin line like all the latest generation Oled panels. A gem of technique and design that will most likely have a decidedly high cost.

In fact, the selling price is currently unknown since the monitor in question is not yet on the market. LG has already announced that the new line will be present at Ces 2024, an occasion in which both sector experts and newspapers will have the opportunity to experience its qualities first-hand.

You will have already understood that it is a top of the range monitor, useful mainly for those with a high configuration (Rtx3090ti or 4080 and i9 or AMD equivalents), capable of managing video games at maximum quality and speed. It may also be suitable for those who use the PC to watch films and TV series and want to enjoy the contents at maximum quality or for those who work as a graphic designer, but it is clearly designed mainly for gaming.