Is Apple’s post-iPhone era ready to begin? The Cupertino company’s decision is shocking everyone: here’s what’s happening.

The iPhone has been the Apple product that has achieved very high sales numbers for years. This device is increasingly sought after but is questioned by a recent decision made by the American company.

Apple has decided to abandon the iPhone – ()

The tech sector is constantly evolving and companies must always keep up with the times. In fact, the iPhone was accompanied by other devices such as the Apple Watch and AirPods. Even today, however, the user experience revolves around the mobile device with accessories that try to enrich every user activity.

Today’s situation is quite clear but the next few years could depict a different scenario. This was reported by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg journalist and Apple expert, who highlighted how the iPhone may no longer be at the center of the company’s strategy in the future.

Apple saying goodbye to the iPhone? Possible future strategies

In the short term, Apple will continue to produce new iPhones but according to the journalist, the innovations introduced on the devices will be fewer and fewer. On the iPhone 16, according to Gurman, you can expect basic models with the Action Button and on all models there could be a dedicated button for videos. However, the reporter reports that Apple will focus heavily on wearables, with Vision Pro in the lead.

The new corporate strategies of the Cupertino company – ()

The big innovations that will be introduced will mainly involve earphones and watches. The latest earphones to arrive on the market have not generated the hoped-for interest and this is why it seems that the company intends to launch two AirPods models in 2024. One economical and the other premium capable of replacing the second and third generations. The AirPods Max should also be modernized with a variant available in different colors and with a USB-C port. The real news could be software with new features that could help those with hearing problems.

The smartwatch sector is experiencing critical issues but the Cupertino company wants to continue on this path. The company’s leaders have a serious intention to push for medical prevention for Apple Watches. In particular, it seems that the company wants the next devices to also be able to monitor hypertension and sleep apnea. The rumors regarding a change of direction by Apple are becoming more and more insistent. At the moment they are rumors but this change in corporate strategy would not be a surprise, also because iPhone sales numbers remain at very high levels.