No Apple Watch or maybe yes but with a dropper. The decision that has been made is surprising all Apple users and beyond.

Bad surprises under the tree for everyone who wanted an Apple Watch. In fact, there is an ongoing controversy which for now has led to a ban on these devices until further notice.

Apple Watches are a problem for the Apple company – Sjbeez

The consequences on the Apple company are still to be calculated but it will certainly be a hard blow not only in terms of earnings but also of image. Because the ban regarding smart watches arose from a decision taken by the ITC, the commission on international trade in America, following the request for an inspection by another company that for some time has been trying to put a spanner in the works. wheels to Apple, due to what seems like a vice that the Apple company doesn’t want to get rid of.

Apple Watch banned for violating other people’s patents

The sales ban currently affects the United States but could later extend to other parts of the world. But what’s wrong with the new Apple Watches and what would be the problem with the other tech company? Companies that produce technological objects often play on the edge of patent infringement. For example, the dispute between Apple and Samsung, which in 2013 found themselves in the same position in which Apple and Masimo now find themselves, the company that pointed the finger at Apple, has remained famous.

Masimo celebrates a small victory against the giant: Apple Watches cannot be circulated (photo Masimo) – Sjbeez

All due to patent infringement. In 2013, the American ITC itself decided to ban iPads and iPhones due to an alleged violation against Samsung. But again in 2013, then President Barack Obama decided to veto and the ban did not continue.

This time the Biden administration has instead decided not to exploit its veto power and therefore the ban on Apple Watches remains. In particular, the models involved are the Apple Watch 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The Masimo company turned to ITC A due to an alleged patent infringement regarding the system with which the Apple smart watch measures the quantity of oxygen present in the blood.

Apple engineers blatantly copied a system patented by Masimo and inserted it into their Apple Watches. For ITC the violation is evident and thus the sales announcement was launched for the two models that include the oximeter. Apple has announced that it is looking for a solution that is at least recovery software but according to statements made by the Masimo CEO himself this will not be enough.

This is because the patent on which the issue arose concerns both hardware and software. And there was also a rather interesting behind the scenes story that recently emerged on Elon Musk’s social network: Apple and Masimo would have met to talk about a future together but then Apple would instead have simply attracted around twenty company employees with staggering salaries company that became a rival and would also have gotten its hands on the Chief Technology Officer, who would then provide Apple with very delicate specifications.