Big news for Apple: the MacBook Air M3 are arriving, here are the details regarding the release date and technical characteristics.

Apple never ceases to amaze. The Cupertino company continually produces devices and innovations that are able to amaze fans of the brand and lovers of technology. Now Apple is preparing to conquer everyone thanks to the new MacBook Air M3.

Apple MacBook Air M3, there is a first date for the release: here’s which one ()

Many are waiting for these products, capable of guaranteeing exceptional performance for both professional operations and leisure activities. When will the MacBook Air M3 be officially launched on the market and what are their features? Here is all the info you need to know.

Apple had already announced this series during last Halloween’s event. At the time of the announcement, many fans went into raptures because they had been waiting for a high-performance, latest generation “Apple” computer for a long time.

Apple MacBook Air M3: a new computer that will amaze many

However, there is now new information regarding the potential launch dates of two models belonging to this class. According to an indiscretion reported by journalist Mark Gurman and published on the well-known portal MacRumors, the leading company in the technology sector could launch them in March 2024.

Apple, fans now hope for the new date of the MacBook Air M3 ()

The first models to arrive on the market would be the 13 and 15 inch ones. Furthermore, it seems that the two devices would be equipped with the macOS 14.3 operating system, the latest version of the software created by Apple. It is no coincidence that the developers have been working on these updates in recent months, so as to launch the system to coincide with the debut of the MacBook Air M3.

However, it is not clear whether the launch of the MacBook Air will be anticipated by an Apple Keynote, an event dedicated to the new products. As has happened several times in the past, the brand could even opt for an official press release to announce new details regarding the presentation of the top of the range devices.

As for the technical characteristics, there is not yet much information about it. However, the M3 models should be faster than those on the market and should guarantee high-level performance to anyone, even users who are not very familiar with technological devices.

Ultimately, for now there is still no certainty regarding the official release date of Apple MacBooks, which is why the information of a probable debut in March 2024 should be taken with a grain of salt. All that remains is to stay updated on the topic and wait for new news from Cupertino.