Apple updates some of its most popular accessories to create an increasingly integrated and modern device ecosystem.

According to some reports that have recently emerged online, it seems that Apple is preparing the launch of some innovative devices, which will enrich the ranks of its prestigious products. Like many other leading companies in the sector, Apple has perfected the art of keeping its news secret until the last moment, creating a sense of anticipation that fuels consumer curiosity and interest.

Apple prepares for the launch of three new devices – Sjbeez

If 2023 was marked by the arrival of the new iPhone 15, which was not exactly enthusiastically received by a large part of the public, Apple is preparing big news for 2024. In addition to the new models of the iPhone series, in fact, it practically seems of course three new accessories will arrive that promise to be equally revolutionary.

Apple wants to amaze its users again

According to recent rumors, which originate from the Weibo user (a Chinese social network) known as "Instant Digital", Apple is planning to update three of its peripheral devices designed for the Mac: the Magic Keyboard, the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad. These accessories, currently based on Lightning technology, could receive a significant upgrade in spring 2024, moving to USB-C connectivity.

Apple is about to release the Magic Keyboard, the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad – Sjbeez

Since their last major update in October 2015, these devices’ features have remained mostly unchanged, despite some minor revisions. Great anticipation for the update of the Magic Mouse, appreciated for the long life of its battery but widely criticized for the position of the charging port located on the bottom, a detail that prevents the use of the device while charging.

Users’ hope is that the new version with USB-C port will solve this problem, perhaps with a more functional location of the connector. Apple’s transition from Lightning to USB-C is very popular among users, especially considering the fact that the company has already adopted USB-C in many of its latest devices. This list includes the iPhone 15 line, all the latest generation iPad models, the Siri Remote for Apple TV, the second generation AirPods Pro and the new Apple Pencil.

With the exception of the AirPods, AirPods Max, the iPhone SE, and the three iMac peripherals, almost all of Apple’s latest generation devices now have a USB-C port. According to some reports, the possibility of an update in the spring cannot be ruled out. This is also because Apple is rumored to have several other product launches planned for the same season, including new iPad and Mac models, and potentially the long-awaited Vision Pro headset.