Amazon Prime is the protagonist of a new and unexpected price increase: all the details on when it will happen and how much the subscription will cost.

Amazon with Prime Video allows its users to access a vast range of content. Recently, however, the platform has been causing discussion not for new entries but for a price increase that will change the subscription plans currently present.

New price increase for Amazon Prime – ()

After Netflix, Amazon Prime is also moving towards increasing prices to continue investing in interesting content and increasing the investment in the long term. The decision of Jeff Bezos’ company falls precisely in this perspective, a choice that inevitably also involves users, the same ones who now want to know how one of their favorite platforms will change.

Price increase for Amazon Prime: the new provisions of the platform

Streaming platforms are always at the center of important news, also from a business point of view. The change is part of this, and should be activated from January 29th with a 20% increase compared to the current price of the service.

How Prime Video prices will change – ()

Amazon has decided that the Prime Video subscription will cost more than the US $14.99 service. However, the company offers an alternative: continue using the same plan but with advertising or pay $2.99 ​​more every month to avoid having any interruptions. The same company also confided that the ads will be fewer than on traditional TV and fewer than on other platforms such as Netflix or Disney Plus.

At the moment the news does not include Italy, at least for now. But there is a possibility that this change, in the following weeks or months, will also concern the Italian market and other countries where Prime Video is a consolidated reality. This possibility exists because Amazon promises new content productions thanks to the additional profit that will be realized following the change made.

Ads on Prime Video will also arrive in Italy but will not appear to users who have subscribed to the annual subscription to the service. In any case, Amazon will notify you of any changes well in advance, then activating advertisements by default. What has been established by the well-known company perfectly follows the trend opened by Netflix and to which Disney Plus will also be added in the future.

Therefore, in the United States market Prime Video will welcome advertising and we will see if the change will also involve Italy in 2024 and what the reaction of paying customers who currently have an existing subscription will be.