Amazon hosts a function that significantly simplifies the user experience: here’s what it is and why many people use it.

Consumers around the world have increasingly seen Amazon as a safe and reliable portal for making purchases. Over time, e-commerce has increased its options with some that manage to simplify any experience and allow quick and simple operations.

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Every internet user knows well that on Amazon they can find many products and many solutions to their needs. The range of functions available on e-commerce is vast and for this reason you may miss some settings that can significantly simplify your life.

In this case you need to pay attention to the possibility of recharging your account. Here there is a function that, if activated, allows you to proceed with a purchase very quickly. Let’s go into the details of this function and find out why it is so loved.

Top up Amazon account: the function that changes everything

The e-commerce created by Jeff Bezos offers some truly impressive customer opportunities. For some years the purchase has not only been possible through normal payment but also thanks to the balance recharged over time. Right on the page dedicated to recharging your account, a function stands out that is worth knowing and taking into consideration.

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On the page dedicated to account top-up you can activate “Automatic top-up with scheduled frequency”. In this way on the pre-established day you will see your Amazon account recharged by the pre-established amount. Typically, these automatic top-ups are added to your balance by 10am on the scheduled day. Funds are rarely unavailable for up to 24 hours.

Each successful automatic top-up will then see the payment method charged. Furthermore, it is possible to follow the status of the top-up by going to the “My orders” section, so as to have everything under control and avoid unwanted top-ups. Activating this function will change your experience on Amazon because you will always have the option to proceed with the purchase of one or more products already chosen.

For example, it can be useful when you usually buy household and personal care products on e-commerce. In short, those products that are purchased periodically. The success of this function is very high and this is demonstrated by the many users who have activated it.