A useful and understandable handbook to avoid the most common mistakes that many users make with the Amazon Fire Stick TV.

With the lockdown and the Coronavirus pandemic, there was the definitive switch. DAZN took care of everything else (in the sports world). Which first took away the football monopoly from Sky with a revolutionary offer, then confirmed the new way of watching matches (or sporting events) in streaming, winning the tender for the next five years.

Amazon Fire Stick TV is one of the most popular streaming devices – photo source: amazon.com – Sjbeez

So streaming has taken over practically everything, becoming our go-to option for binge-watching content of the most disparate types. Confirmation comes from the incredible pluralism of OTT: Prime TV and Disney+, Netflix among the most loved even if no longer the leader. DAZN, obviously. And the more you have, the more you add.

Thus, in recent years, more and more users have started to watch content on their favorite streaming devices, at their leisure, even wanting to connect their device to the “big screen” of a smart TV. In this context, Amazon Fire Stick is one of the most popular streaming devices: it works great and is very cheap (with the various promos it has dropped to less than 40 euros) above all simple to use. The important thing is not to fall into the most common mistakes that too many users still make.

Amazon Fire TV, the (simple) common solutions you need to pay attention to

Regardless of the problems a user faces on the Amazon Fire TV, there are some common solutions that you need to pay attention to. Sometimes the problem encountered is much simpler than we think, so just restart the Firestick: an option to always start from, it will solve most of those small problems that we magnify. To restart your device, you need to press and hold the "Select" and "Play/Pause" buttons on the remote for at least 10 seconds.

Amazon Fire TV and its good use – photo source: amazon.com – Sjbeez

It may seem silly, but it isn’t: it’s always better to make sure that the Amazon Fire TV is connected, if in doubt, restart the Wi-Fi router and reconnect it to a Firestick device, even just bring your Firestick device closer to the router, and vice versa, it is good and right. The deletion of app data and cache is very important, same concept as the smartphone to have instant corrections that work with specific apps.

Short but important path: "Settings" of the TV, click on "Applications", then "Manage installed applications". Select the name of the app and finally click on "Clear data and cache". A quick overview: always keep an eye on regular updates on your Amazon Fire Stick, in extreme cases an excellent solution can be to reset your Firestick Amazon Fire TV to factory settings, always remember that faulty cables or Wi-Fi can be a joy ephemeral thinking of saving money, this is not really the field.