It’s hard to believe it has only been seven months since the release of the Pixel Watch. Over those months, the gadget has managed to age fairly well. But just as we’ve gotten used to the gadget, it looks like another one could be coming our way soon.

The folks over at 9to5Google managed to get their hands on some new information about the successor to the Pixel Watch. According to the outlet’s source, the Pixel Watch 2 might launch later this year alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. A turnaround that may be sooner than most people expected.

It’s unknown if Pixel Watch 2 will be the actual name or if Google will choose a different name. Outside of this revelation, details remain fairly scarce.

Google has a habit of launching its Pixel phones around October. So if this information is true and there are no delays, there’s a good chance it could launch sometime in October. An October release would also mark a full year since the Pixel Watch made its debut.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Google used a similar design aesthetic for its next smartwatch. Especially since the domed display was a widely celebrated aspect of the device. We also expect Google to continue its Fitbit tool kit and companion app integration.

In our Google Pixel Watch 2 update hub, we mentioned we would like to see better battery life. The current model can barely last a day. And it would be great if Google could come up with a cutting-edge feature. Finally, it would be nice if Google could make the bezel a little smaller.

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