YouTube's cooking up AI tools for creators, since this is 2023, after all

DALL-E and ChatGPT were only the start

YouTube’s in the middle of some big changes right now, and just a couple weeks back we learned that CEO Susan Wojcicki was on her way out. Incoming executive Neal Mohan has some big shoes to fill, but he seems to be off to a running start as he addresses the YouTube community today, talking about the directions for growth we can hope to see across the year to come. That means a bunch of new features on the horizon, and since this is 2023, after all, you had better believe that generative AI tools are going to be among them.

Everyone who’s anyone in tech is reimagining their product offerings right now as they brainstorm how to integrate the latest AI advancements — just look at Google and Bard. While YouTube isn’t saying much with any certainty just yet, Mohan mentions that the company is looking into tools that might give creators the ability to do things like generate virtual outfits for themselves, or create custom backdrops (presumably with the help of some chroma keying).

Unlike with Bard, though, YouTube isn’t in a rush to formally announce any of this, and Mohan makes the point that he wants the site to take its time and ensure it has the right approach. After all, AI presents a mire of copyright and privacy issues, and it probably does make a lot of sense to show caution.

Other creator-focused changes coming down the pike include new tools for Shorts, like the ability to record those side-by-side with traditional YouTube videos. We’ve been hearing a ton about YouTube’s interest in podcasts lately, and that’s only going to ramp up this year with new publishing and discovery tools.

Mohan goes on to highlight the service’s work towards inclusiveness, like the new multi-language audio support, and improved captioning. We also get some insight into the growing importance of TV for YouTube, which may continue to be the service’s fastest-expanding device type as we push further into 2023.

Conclusion on YouTube’s cooking up AI tools for creators, since this is 2023, after all

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