With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup, it begs the question if we should expect to see the same color options as last year’s Galaxy S22 models. So far, from the leaks we’ve seen, it looks like Samsung has rolled out some new colors for this year’s S23 lineup, including a few model-exclusive colors. The base model Galaxy S23 has four color options and two exclusive colors to choose from, giving you a little more purchasing freedom when upgrading your device to one of the best Android phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S23

The latest from Samsung contains the Snapdragon 8 Gen for Galaxy chipset, a high-class camera, and plenty of vibrant colors to choose from.

Phantom Black Samsung Galaxy S23

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If you’re as much of a fan of dark colors as I am, then the Phantom Black color will excite you. As straightforward as this color choice is, the dark complexion of this phone is just so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As black is such a neutral tone, you’ll have no problems matching your smartphone to any style you have, and any case you choose will make the Galaxy S23 pop even more.

Even though the Phantom Black color may be more simple and to-the-point, it exudes class and elegance and looks excellent on all models in the S23 lineup.

Cream Samsung Galaxy S23

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If we’re calling it like we see it, it seems the idea of using white was too plain. So, for this year’s Galaxy S23, you have Cream. Yes, it’s practically white, but it’s not. So if you don’t want to argue whenever someone says your phone is white, you definitely want the Cream color S23.

For those who really enjoyed and appreciated the basic white colors in the past, you might be a little disappointed this time around. The new Cream color looks like you’re lost in a wall of paint swatches with off-white colors and just had to pick one. While this color choice might not be popular with everyone, some will still fall in love with this light Cream option.

Lavender Samsung Galaxy S23

Source: Samsung

This color is really something, and I’m sure many others feel the same way. The subtle Lavender color of this phone is so beautiful and light enough that it doesn’t give off crazy pink or purple princess vibes. While some users might have been expecting bolder and brighter colors this year, the more watered-down and pastel-looking colors look great on this year’s Galaxy S23 lineup.

Even though this Lavender color is quite beautiful and eye-catching, you’ll want to consider the availability of matching accessories and cases for this option. And since this colorway is a new design, you won’t find any matching Samsung cases to go with it, but that doesn’t mean a nice black, white, or even clear case won’t complete this look.

Green Samsung Galaxy S23

Source: Samsung

This is Samsung’s idea of the color Green, and we’re all a little unsure about this one. A more appropriate name would be Olive, which is basically what this color looks like. Looking at the Phantom Black and exclusive Graphite colors, Samsung’s Green option looks like it falls right in the middle of these two — the only problem is that neither is Green!

Let’s be honest here, there’s not too much that’s desirable with this phone color, and it probably would have been better received as a brighter Green instead. Still, if you’re a fan of seemingly odd shades of Green, you might actually like this color.

Graphite Samsung Galaxy S23

This exclusive Graphite color for the Galaxy S23 and the S23+ looks a lot like a mix between the Phantom Black and the standard Green colors with just a few varying shades in between. This color is nice, though, because it’s not as dark as the Phantom Black and looks nice and clean. The Graphite color almost gives a gunmetal gray feel that’s really classy.

As the Graphite colorway is exclusive to the Galaxy S23 and the S23+, rocking this specialized option already sets you apart from the rest of the S23 users. There’s just something a little extra special about owning an exclusive, limited-edition version that also looks great.

Lime Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung’s idea of the color Lime seems a lot more yellow to us than a Lime greenish color, but alas, this is the second exclusive color for the Galaxy S23 and the S23+. The design team chose a pastel-type pallet rather than bolder and brighter colors — and while some might like the subtle hint of Lime, it feels a little too faded and bland.

With odd colors like this one, finding a matching or complimentary case that looks good on this phone won’t be easy. While a darker green might accentuate the lighter tones, a more neutral black or white case might be a better suit.

These colors are all quite unique, and while you’re given a couple of different options, you still might not find the color that suits you. Still, when you make a big purchase on a new smartphone, you’ll also want a case to protect it. Cases can change the look and color of your phone, so even if none of the colors above appeal to you, you can change it up with one of these Samsung Galaxy S23 cases.

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