The Amazon Echo Dot is the budget option for Amazon’s Echo smart speakers. The current Echo Dot is the fourth version of the model, but despite its place as the budget option, it’s still an excellent choice for an Alexa-enabled smart speaker.

The Echo Dot has many features, most of which revolve around Amazon Alexa’s capabilities. It functions as a smart speaker, smart home hub, or a simple speaker for playing music. This guide tells you everything you need to know about the Echo Dot, including what it is, what it can do, and how to use it.

What does the Amazon Echo Dot do?

The Echo Dot offers many features, but discovering them can be challenging. Here are a few significant features, as well as some handy voice commands:

  • Play music or podcasts on demand. “Alexa, play rock music on Spotify.”
  • Group multiple Echo devices to play music simultaneously.
  • Control smart home devices. “Alexa, turn off my bedroom light.”
  • Perform multiple actions with one command (called “Routines”).
  • Create custom responses for commands.
  • Control your TV. “Alexa, pause the TV.”
  • Most of these are related to smart home devices, but if you don’t own any, the Echo Dot can connect to external speakers and devices via Bluetooth. However, you would be wasting much of the device’s potential, so get started with these beginner-friendly smart home devices.

    You can manage your Echo Dot through the Alexa app for iOS or Android. It’s also where you can enable or disable Alexa skills. Alexa can answer questions and perform actions. You only need to speak the wake word (“Alexa” by default). You can also drop in on any connected Echo device.

    What hardware features does the Amazon Echo Dot have?

    The 1.6-inch speaker is the first thing you’ll notice about the Echo Dot. Covering all but the rear third creates a better sound experience than the previous puck-shaped iterations. The 3.5 mm audio jack and AC power port is in this rear section. The top of the device contains the volume controls, the action button (in case you don’t want to speak the wake word), and a mic-off button. Finally, a lighting ring around the base changes color based on what the Dot is doing.

    Source: Amazon

    How does the Amazon Echo Dot differ from other Echo devices?

    The new Echo dot is a drastically different look from the hockey puck shape of the third-generation Dot, which all previous generations of the device used. While the look has changed, the essential functions are more or less identical. If you upgrade from an earlier generation, you won’t be thrown by any significant changes.

    It has an almost identical look to the standard Amazon Echo (4th gen), which is nearly twice the price. The main difference between the two is the speaker. And, if it’s music quality you want, don’t settle for the Amazon Echo Dot.

    Above Left: Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Above Right: Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

    Compared to bigger, more expensive devices like the Amazon Echo Show or Echo Studio, the Dot sacrifices several features to hit its cheaper price point. While Alexa voice commands are identical across all devices, the Echo Dot doesn’t offer a smart display like the Echo Show. Its sound quality is weaker than the others, especially the Echo Studio (which offers Dolby Atmos support).

    There are two slightly different variants of the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot with Clock offers a LED display that displays the time, alarms, and timers. A kid’s edition provides parental controls and additional kid-friendly features through Amazon Kids+.

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    Above: The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock in action

    Is the Amazon Echo Dot worth buying?

    In our review of the Echo Dot, we recommended it to anyone who already owns a few Echo devices. It’s a fantastic addition to your space, but it’s hard to justify buying it alone. It’s also a decent hands-free Bluetooth speaker. Although we recommend purchasing a dedicated Bluetooth speaker if you aren’t interested in smart-home technology.

    A flexible smart home device for all

    The Echo Dot is a perfect balance between power and cost. However, if you’re willing to pay more, the Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) offers a screen that maximizes the functionality of an Echo device.

  • Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen)

    The Amazon Echo (5th gen) may not seem like a big upgrade over its predecessor, but a ton of little quality-of-life improvements make it a much better budget smart speaker. For instance, the Echo Dot 5 now has an accelerometer and a temperature sensor. The accelerometer lets you tap on the speaker's top for basic actions like pausing music and silencing alarms. The temperature sensor is the more interesting thing. You can make it a part of your various routines to take some automated actions based on your room's temperature. For example, you can let the Echo Dot turn on the heater when it starts to get chilly indoors. Using the Echo Dot 5 to extend your Wi-Fi signals is also possible if you have an Eero mesh system in your home — that's a great example of a tightly-knit ecosystem! And as always, the 2022 Echo Dot can easily pair with your existing Echo or other Alexa speakers and even work as an external speaker for your Fire TV stick. Besides these new smart capabilities, Amazon has also upgraded the speaker driver on the Echo Dot 5. It now comes with a new, larger audio driver producing a much bassier sound and cleaner vocals; even the audio output at higher volumes is distortion free. The Echo Dot 5 is definitely a major step up in audio quality over any previous Echo Dots. Many people prefer to keep the Echo Dot on their bedside table or work desk. For places like these, you can pick the Echo Dot with Clock by spending just $10 more, and it will do the job of two devices while taking the space of one.

  • Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen)

    The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th gen) may not seem like a big upgrade over its predecessor, but it has a lot of new stuff under-the-hood, in addition to a lovely new display that’ll keep you from pestering Alexa about the time ever again. This version of Amazon’s smaller smart speaker comes with tap recognition, allowing you to do things like pause and play music by patting it on the head, in addition to a built-in temperature sensor that you can build smarthome routines around. Additionally, the Echo Dot can even extend the wireless capabilities of your existing Amazon Eero-driven network. Its sound quality is sufficient for everyday use, but it’s not going to be as boomy or robust as its larger, display-less sibling, the Amazon Echo (4th gen).

  • Conclusion on What is an Amazon Echo Dot?

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