Wear OS watches now support Google Wallet in 60 countries

Payments from your wrist, now in more places

In 2022, Google renamed its payments app to Google Wallet, adding support for digital car keys, virtual ID cards, tickets, and vaccination certificates alongside the usual payment features like bank cards. The app runs on smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches compatible with Wear OS. However, geographic availability was rather limited at launch, particularly for the wearables. That has been improving gradually, and now, Google Wallet works right from your wrist in a handful of new markets.

In a brief post on the Wear OS Help page, Google announced that the Wallet app is now available on compatible Wear OS smartwatches in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Kuwait. Including the recent additions, Google Wallet is now available in 60 countries around the world. That's a far cry from worldwide availability, but these are the first additions to the list since November 2022.

The Google Wallet app for Wear OS works with Wear OS 2 and 3 if you pair the smartwatch with an Android phone. If you're an iPhone user, you need to be on Wear OS 2. With this app, you can make payments from your wrist and even show your virtual ID cards.

In case you don't have a compatible Wear OS smartwatch, but are looking to get one, consider checking out our collection of the best Android smartwatches.

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