This Google Chrome utility is done for, but you won’t miss it

Google Chrome is easily the most popular web browser around, and for good reason: beyond just surfing the web efficiently, it can do everything from opening PDF documents, to casting wirelessly to another display, to even kicking malware off your computer. While the software is just overflowing with functionality, this week we’re learning about something that’s going away, as the utility responsible for combating malware and resetting Chrome misbehavior is now being deprecated. However, Chrome won't become unsafe or any less effective because of this change.

Google introduced the Chrome Cleanup Tool almost a decade ago, in 2015, as a means for reverting undesired changes to Chrome settings and removing associated malware from your computer. In its lifetime, Chrome users put the tool to use 80 million times, a small number considering how many Chrome users there are. Google is beginning to deprecate the Chrome Cleanup Tool, starting with the current release, Chrome 111.

Simply put, Google insists the Cleanup Tool just isn't that useful for Chrome users anymore. Citing stats from last year, it notes that only 3% of Chrome users complained of malware, and a measly 0.06% of Cleanup Tool scans flagged unwanted software.

None of this means that Chrome intends to leave us hanging, though. Google trusts its Safe Browsing feature, the Chrome Web Store review process continues to be refined, and advancements in antivirus software should suffice to keep Chrome users safe. After all, plenty of unwanted software now masquerades as browser extensions, and Chrome is pretty good at keeping you away from phishing websites and other malicious destinations on the web.

If you like, you can take the Cleanup Tool for a spin one last time before installing Chrome 111. It’s located under the overflow menu > Settings > Reset and clean up > Clean up computer > Find. That said, the feature's removal should be inconsequential to your browsing experience.

Conclusion on This Google Chrome utility is done for, but you won't miss it

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