This 4-pack Arlo Essential camera bundle is down to $300 right now

Arlo Essential Spotlight 4-Camera Pack

When it comes to protecting your house, the best you can do sometimes is to install a few cameras, especially as they’ll act as a deterrent to anyone who’s even thinking of breaking in. This four-camera bundle can ensure your house is protected. Since these Arlo Essential Spotlight cams are on sale, slashing the price by $150, now’s the perfect time to invest.

The first step to securing your home is finding the right camera system to get. Arlo’s Essential Spotlight cameras are currently on sale at Best Buy, with the price dropping from $450 to $300, which means now’s the perfect time to get a bundle or two. Just the other day, Arlo also pushed a deal for its video doorbell, so you may want to check that out too.

Why you’ll love the Arlo Essential Spotlight cameras

One of the coolest things about the Arlo Essential Spotlight camera is that they’re fairly tiny, so they certainly won’t take up a lot of space. They also look, dare we say, quite stylish. But we’re not going to buy security cameras for how good they look; we’re buying them for their performance. Thankfully, these Arlo cameras truly deliver.

The Arlo Essential Spotlight records video in full 1080p, capturing footage in the same high quality both during the day and night, thanks to the integrated spotlight. The cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, as they’re designed to withstand hot weather, snowy days, or rain. They’re also rather easy to install since the Arlo Essential Spotlight cameras are wire-free and will connect directly to your Wi-Fi.

You will need the Arlo app to check the footage and adjust any settings for these cameras. This same app allows you to receive smart alerts when people, cars, or packages are in front of your home. The cameras will even allow you to have two-way conversations with any visitors. To take things further, you can even trigger the siren if you spot something out of the ordinary or set the siren to start automatically if unwanted guests show up.

The cameras can be recharged at any point, but given how the battery can last for about six months on a single charge, you won’t have to do it too often. Since the cameras have such a great price right now, it would be sad to miss out on the deal, so hurry up and place your order.

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