A leak indicates that the bands will be individually detachable

The Xiaomi Band series has always been one of our top picks for fitness trackers, especially when you don't want to spend triple-digit prices. With the Xiaomi Band 7 being released in May in China, the next generation should be right around the corner. According to a report, this seems to be the case, with the next band appearing to run through its certification process in Korea. If leaked images are to be believed, the Xiaomi Band 8 might offer the most significant redesign in a while.

As The Go Android spotted, the Xiaomi Band 8 is currently going through certification at South Korea's National Radio Research Agency (NRRA). Along with the admittedly sparse details, the publication also claims to have found images hidden in the certification entry which give us a first glimpse of the Xiaomi Band 8.

At first glance, you'd be hard-pressed to find a difference to the predecessor, with the pill-shaped device looking familiar. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that there are two bands next to it that appear to have a mechanism that lets them hook right onto the device, similar to how the Google Pixel Watch and the majority of other fantastic Android watches handle things. Past Xiaomi Bands didn't come with two individual bands, instead forcing you to push the device in a dedicated slot within a single strap.

Beyond that, the Korean certification suggests that the Xiaomi Band 8 will see a broad international launch, just like its predecessors. The fitness bands are some of a few Xiaomi devices that are easily obtainable in the US, usually available on Amazon for a little under $50. If the previous models are anything to judge by, the Band 8 might launch in China first and only then come to international markets. It's likely that we'll see two versions of the fitness tracker again, one with NFC payment support for the Chinese market and one without for the rest of the world.

Conclusion on The Xiaomi Band 8 might feel more premium than its predecessors

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