The Nearby Share screen is getting its Material You facelift

Google is rolling out the updated interface more widely

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Nearby Share is Google's answer to Apple’s acclaimed AirDrop, allowing users to share files between two Android phones without any fuss. It has been a fantastic feature for Android users who previously had to rely either on sketchy third-party apps or snail-paced Bluetooth. But Nearby Share hasn't received much in the way of a meaningful design refresh since it first came out. While most Google apps and services have embraced the new Material You styling, it's now finally time for Nearby Share to get its long overdue facelift.

Before now, when you tried sending a file with Nearby Share on your favorite Android phone, you would see some dated UI animations all through the transfer process. With the facelift, Nearby Share still looks familiar, but uses more modern animations on both the sender's and the receiver's end for a more pleasing visual experience, as per 9to5Google.

Source: 9to5Google

First, all the elements on the Nearby Share sheet are now centrally aligned, be it the device name or file details, which look much cleaner than before. You will come across a new animation of expanding Material shapes behind your avatar when searching for nearby devices, as shown in the screen grabs above. Meanwhile, the receiving Android phone will also see the same Material shapes revolving around the file description. The setting cog's position hasn't changed, though, from the top-right corner of the Nearby Share panel.

9to5 further notes that the Nearby Share screen now also matches your wallpaper's colors on devices running Android 12 and higher. However, none of these design changes to Nearby Share have shown up on any of our devices so far. This is likely because Google is rolling out the redesign as part of a server-side switch, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before everyone starts seeing it. But that shouldn't stop you from giving it a check on your own phone as you eagerly wait for Android 14 to arrive with many more features and design tweaks.

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