Spotify's app redesign takes cues from TikTok to help you find new content

TikTok’s vertical video feed has become a holy grail for many tech giants, with big-ticket names trying to copy the format in the hopes of capturing more eyeballs. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix all have their own version of the endlessly scrolling vertical interface. But it’s not just social networking sites that are trying to push users into a bottomless pit of content; Spotify has also been experimenting with the format since 2021. The music streaming service is now taking TikTok’s formula for a spin with a redesign to its mobile interface that heavily borrows from the video music app.

Spotify has introduced a new way to discover songs and artists within the app, using a format popularized by TikTok. The platform’s Home section of its mobile app will soon feature a vertically scrolling feed that will allow users to flip through, save, and share music. Like on TikTok, the feed serves up autoplaying content, which provides a quick preview of songs and playlists without forcing you to dive in fully.

The visual and audio previews are available in the Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks tabs, in addition to album covers. Beneath them are autoplaying clips from the music videos of popular artists that you can tap for a deeper look. Podcast listeners will be able to listen to their favorite podcasts and discover similar types of content without interruption, thanks to a new feature that automatically plays another episode that may be of interest after the current one ends.

If you tap on the Music tab, you’ll be greeted with Spotify’s AI DJ below the grid of eight personalized shortcuts up top. You can scroll to see Instagram-like full-screen cards of video clips that provide information about a playlist recommended by Spotify.

Additionally, Spotify is adding song recommendations to your own playlists with a new feature called Smart Shuffles, a rebranded “Enhanced” feature, which was introduced in 2021. When you double-tap on the shuffle icon, Spotify will intersperse your manually generated playlist with song suggestions that “perfectly match the vibe.”

Meanwhile, the new discovery feeds are also visible in the Search section, where you’ll be able to scroll through Canvas clips organized by genre. There’s an option to save a song to a playlist by tapping the “plus” button in the bottom right corner, share it with friends, or follow the artist. For good measure, Spotify will display hashtags within the feed to entice you to discover new songs in related genres.

These visual previews will also be found in curated playlists such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, New Music Friday, and Rap Caviar. Spotify’s latest tweaks are not a full-on TikTok clone, however. Unlike on TikTok, you won’t be able to comment on songs (Spotify is not a social media platform, after all). But with the platform’s formula proving to be an ideal format for content discovery, we can count on more venues attempting to cosplay as TikTok in the near future.

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