Samsung's next Galaxy Watch may deliver the battery gains you've been waiting for

A new leak reveals the battery capacities of the Galaxy Watch 6 series

Battery life continues to be a sore point for even the best Android smartwatches, and not even Samsung is immune. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a classic example there, and that 2021 model could barely last more than a day between charges. If you forgot to charge it in the evening, you’d be out of luck until you found a power outlet (and better hope you brought along its magnetic adapter). Even the current-gen Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro failed to make meaningful improvements. But now, the next generation of Samsung smartwatches may finally address those shortcomings with larger battery capacities.

South Korean regulators share details on two battery models, presumably for the 40mm and 44mm variants of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, as spotted by Galaxy Club. The bigger model could come with a 425mAh battery (typical), with a rated capacity of around 412mAh. For what it’s worth, the 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 tops out at 410mAh, with a 397mAh rated capacity.

This implies that we’re talking about a small jump of around 3%, but this is only on paper. Even minor increases in battery capacity like this could result in greater endurance in daily use.

Meanwhile, the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 may be equipped with a 300mAh battery, with model number EB-BR935ABY,rated for a capacity of 295mAh. The 40mm Galaxy Watch 5, on the other hand, came with a 284mAh battery, rated at 276mAh.

Of course, larger battery capacity tends to mean bigger components that take up more space, which isn’t ideal for thin and light wearable devices. However, a previous rumor suggested that the upcoming Galaxy Watch series would heavily borrow from the Pixel Watch’s curved screen, so there might be new opportunities to squeeze more stuff in.

For the time being, it’s unknown when the next Galaxy smartwatches will formally break cover, but given the timeline Samsung has stuck to over the past few years, it seems reasonably safe to assume a major hardware event is planned for August.

Conclusion on Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch may deliver the battery gains you’ve been waiting for

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