Samsung wants to pull an Apple with custom CPU cores, report claims

Even then, custom Samsung CPUs should only be ready by 2027

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is off to a flying start for the Korean smartphone maker. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip is a major reason behind the lineup’s success, as the SoC delivers exceptional performance and efficiency gains compared to last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Samsung has even gone all in on Qualcomm’s chip across all markets, completely giving up on its in-house Exynos SoC. This comes a few years after the company shuttered its custom CPU design division inside Exynos and switched to reference Arm CPU cores. A new report now says that Samsung has restarted development on its custom CPU cores.

A Business Korea report details that Samsung’s Electronics division has created an internal team led by Rahul Tuli to lead its custom CPU designing efforts. A recent hire, Tuli was previously a senior developer at AMD, working on various CPU development projects. It will be a while before the custom CPU cores are ready though. The in-house developed CPU could debut in 2027 at the earliest, provided their development goes as per schedule.

Besides this, the Korean company has beefed up efforts to develop its next-generation SoCs. Tentatively named Galaxy chip, the team is working on a specifically optimized SoC for Galaxy devices, corroborating previous reports. Rumors suggest the first Galaxy chip could debut in 2025. However, since Samsung has just started working on its custom CPUs, the first Galaxy SoC will likely use Arm CPU cores.

Until then, the company will continue using Snapdragon chips in its flagship devices, thanks to its multi-year partnership with Qualcomm.

Samsung’s previously used its in-house designed Mongoose CPU cores in Exynos SoCs. While powerful, the CPU was too power-hungry and inefficient compared to Qualcomm’s offerings. It was a major reason why Samsung ultimately killed the CPU design team and laid off over 300 developers from its R&D facility in Austin, Texas.

With an in-house CPU design, Samsung can better optimize the SoCs for its devices, leading to superior performance and battery life. Apple’s A-series of chips are the perfect example of this, as they are heavily optimized for iOS and deliver unrivaled performance and efficiency.

Conclusion on Samsung wants to pull an Apple with custom CPU cores, report claims

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