Paranormasight is a perfectly crafted horror visual novel from Square Enix

Amidst all the big names announced during February’s Nintendo Direct, Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo stuck out thanks to its spooky premise and grisly storyline. A visual novel developed by Square Enix, its trailer suggested an experience full of interesting characters and plot twists. If you’re one of the many people intrigued when it was announced, your wait is over. Paranormasight is now available on the Google Play Store.

Paranormsight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo takes place during the mystical decade known as the 1980s. Set in Honjo, a neighborhood in Tokyo, it’s inspired by real-life ghost legends known as the Seven Wonders of Honjo. These wonders, now tourist attractions, form the central narrative behind Paranormasight.

Throughout the game, Paranormasight shifts the focus between characters who are independently investigating the local ghost stories. Their stories will intertwine as you progress, and you’ll be able to influence the fate of certain characters for better or worse. These actions can have fatal consequences, so each decision must be carefully considered.

Paranormasight’s gameplay revolves around puzzles, and dialogue is just as meaningful as physical clues, so you’ll need to put your detective hat on to solve them. Obviously, we can’t spoil the puzzles, but you can expect to interact with classic paranormal objects like Ouija boards to progress the story.

Paranormasight drenches the game with a blue-grey palette that makes even innocuous objects take on an ominous tone to enhance the spooky atmosphere. It’s a beautiful game, in its own way, that isn’t afraid to make some bold artistic decisions.

Despite a subdued release, Paranormasight will easily be one of the best visual novels on Android. If this all sounds good to you, Paranormasight is available to download now from the Play Store for $14.99. This promotional price will be raised to $18.99 on March 23rd.

Conclusion on Paranormasight is a perfectly crafted horror visual novel from Square Enix

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