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Google fans look forward to one event every year: Google I/O. The annual developer conference is always packed with tons of announcements and surprises. The event is primarily meant for developers who want to learn about what’s new in Chrome, Android 14, and Search and how these changes will affect them. Still, the Google I/O keynote has long become the event that Google uses to announce and tease new products, like the Pixel a-series phones, which are some of the best budget smartphones. Things will likely remain that way this year, and we’re looking forward to many great announcements.

When is Google I/O 2023?

Google’s annual conference for developers normally takes place in May, and that’s not any different this year. After people from around the world worked together to solve this year’s puzzle, we learned this year’s I/O conference will be held on May 10th.

The event will be in-person again, like Google I/O 2022, but it’ll be with a “limited live audience” and it appears Google is encouraging most people to tune into the event online. Google I/O 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic, and the 2021 event was fully online. The opening keynote and many of the panels will still be accessible online like they have been for the past decade.

How to watch Google I/O 2023

You can now register for the event if you plan to take part on Google’s own website using your account. If you want to watch the main keynote, we expect that to be available on YouTube without you having to register, though. The main keynote begins at 10am PT / 1pm ET on May 10th. Closer to the time we’ll have a link so you can watch along.

What can we expect at Google I/O 2023?

Google hasn’t officially shared any plans for what it will reveal at its upcoming developer conference yet, but there are a few leaks and a few rumors of what we can expect. Google might focus on AI announcements, and the company likely has a few hardware announcements planned, whether that’s the budget Google Pixel 7a or the Google Pixel Tablet. A few other things are almost certain at this point. Google may introduce a slew of Android 14 features and explain to developers how to best take advantage of them.

Google will likely focus on AI at Google I/O 2023

As detailed in a New York Times report, Google activated code red internally following the launch of ChatGPT 4.0 and Bing’s chat-based search. The company already reacted with a slapped-together “Live from Paris” event, showcasing its chat-based search engine called “Bard,” but that’s not all the company has to offer on the AI front. The New York Times article details a few innovations that the company could reveal at Google I/O this year:

  • An image generation studio that “creates and edits images.”
  • A third iteration of the AI Test Kitchen, which the company uses to publicly test upcoming AI features.
  • “Shopping Try-on” is a YouTube feature that uses green screen-like technology to help you try on clothes without leaving your house.
  • “Maya” is a tool that can visualize shoes in 3D.
  • A video summarization tool that generates another shorter video from a longer one.
  • A wallpaper creation tool for Google Pixel phones.
  • A tool created for other companies to help them build their own AI applications.
  • On top of this, we might see new tools for developers. A new “Colab” option could become part of Android Studio, Google’s developer environment, and help developers fix their code. The tool is supposed to be able to write code based on prompts from programmers.

    We might see the Google Pixel 7a and the Google Pixel Tablet at Google I/O 2023

    Google revealed the Google Pixel Tablet at last year’s developer conference, but the company still hasn’t made it available to the public almost a year later. Google will likely change this at Google I/O 2023 and finally reveal a launch date and pricing.

    We might also see the launch of the Google Pixel 7a at Google I/O 2023. The next-generation budget phone is rumored to come with the same Tensor G2 chip that’s in the Pixel 7. It may be available for purchase a little later, though. The Google Pixel 6a was announced in May 2022, but it only went on sale at the end of July.

    Rumors suggest that the Google Pixel Fold, Google’s rumored foldable, will launch in the third quarter of 2023. That doesn’t mean we won’t see it at Google I/O 2023. Google is famous for showing off products to preempt leaks and win back the narrative, and it’s done that with the Pixel Tablet and the Google Pixel 7 lineup at last year’s I/O. That means we might get a first glimpse at the Google Pixel 8 lineup that’s slated to arrive at the end of this year.

    On top of all of this, we may see some Nest smart home announcements from the company or perhaps the first word on a Google Pixel Watch 2. We’ve yet to hear any leaked information about either of these, but Google has been bringing lots of new products at I/O for the last couple of years, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see even more than what is currently rumored.

    Google will tell us more about Android 14 at Google I/O 2023

    Android 14 is out as a preview for developers and anyone else adventurous enough to use beta software. While the early build looks and feels almost exactly like Android 13, avid tinkerers and experts like Mishaal Rahman are finding tons of other features hiding under the hood. Google will likely make many of these official at Google I/O 2023, along with releasing Android 14 Beta 2 soon after, which is slated to launch in May.

    A packed Google I/O 2023 is ahead of us

    Google I/O is approaching fast, and we’ll likely hear a thing or two more about what to expect before it happens. In the meantime, we can only recommend you catch up on what happened at last year’s Google I/O 2022, which was also packed with new announcements and interesting tidbits.

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