A new special offer is coming soon, but there's almost no chance it'll be as good

Believe it or not, it’s been almost five years since T-Mobile and Sprint announced their merger. Since then, T-Mobile has been working to incorporate all the remnants of Sprint’s old network into its own, and in recent months, we’re starting to see the magenta carrier bring an end to some grandfathered customer features. Just last month, the company announced that legacy Sprint SIMs will no longer work on T-Mobile, and now, people who are still on one of the old Sprint Unlimited plans are about to lose one of their best perks.

Users on the Sprint subreddit received a text message informing them that the promotional Amazon Prime On Us offer was being retired on April 1, 2023. The offer was included with the old Sprint Unlimited plans, and T-Mobile had been honoring it until now, but users are being told they will need to work directly with Amazon to continue their Prime membership after April 1.

T-Mobile is blaming the change on Amazon, stating that “the functionality to bill your Amazon Prime subscription to your Sprint bill is no longer available due to changes in the Amazon Prime program.” However, it’s possible the company simply didn’t want to continue paying for Amazon Prime for these customers, as the cost of membership has gone up recently to $9/month or $140/year.

If you’re affected by this change, you should know that you will lose access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Photos in addition to Prime Shipping. To keep your Amazon Prime subscription active, visit your Prime Membership page after April 1 and choose “Continue your membership,” then set up a new payment method for your subscription.

T-Mobile says that the primary account holder will be notified of a new “On Us” promotion soon that could soften the blow of losing out on free Prime. They haven’t given any specifics — only noting that you’ll receive the offer via text message with details on how to sign up — but there’s little to no chance it will be as good as free Amazon Prime.

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