Hopefully Google has clocked this problem

Google’s Clock app is a clock app — it’s something you expect to be there without really thinking about it. It’s available be default on the company’s Pixel smartphone lineup as well as the recently launched Pixel Watch. But it seems the app isn’t working like it’s supposed to when it comes to waking up those Pixel Watch wearers.

Quite a handful of users on Reddit claim that the alarm on their Pixel wearable refuses to go off on time, sometimes delayed by up to 10 minutes. Another report claims that their alarm went off early on one occasion, though they seem to be the odd one out. While most of these incidents occur with morning alarms, one person did have trouble with a 7 p.m. alarm. 9to5Google speculates that Bedtime Mode or, more specifically, something in the waking process from deep sleep might have to do with these late triggers.

A few minutes of delay may not have drastic consequences for everyone, this undoubtedly requires some looking into by Google. That said, we have not been able to look up any reports in the Pixel Watch Help community or the Google Issue Tracker that report the same problem, so we’re not sure if the company has any visibility on this matter.

We did, however, spot this Issue Tracker thread lamenting how third-party alarm apps haven’t been working on their Pixel Watch — Google is looking into this one.

Generally speaking, alarms have been a mess on the Pixel Watch because Google has opted to treat alarms set on the watch and those on phones or tablets completely separate from each other (via Android Authority).

Hopefully, Pixel Watch owners will be assured a fix soon. It’s not asking for much to get a basic watch feature right.

Conclusion on If your Pixel Watch alarm is ringing late, you aren’t alone

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