Many of the best games are no longer dirt cheap, so potentially losing hard-earned cash by accidentally tossing Steam gift cards or misplacing product codes damages our finances. Fortunately, with the revamped Steam app, it only takes minutes to redeem our Steam keys and Wallet codes on our reliable Android phones. Below we’ve illustrated the process of adding your Steam gift cards, Wallet codes, and Steam keys to your Steam account from your mobile device.

How to download and install the Steam app

You may need to get past your Steam Guard when logging in to your Steam account in the Android app. Steam Guard is an additional layer (two-factor authentication) of security tied to your account; any time you try to log in on an unrecognized device and different location, it prompts you to enter a code to access your Steam account. Otherwise, you cannot access the account and the app.

One fantastic feature of the updated Steam app is using a QR sign-in instead of entering a code for your Steam Guard. That way, accessing the app across your devices will only take seconds. First, navigate to the shield icon, then tap Add authenticator to get started.

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  2. Enter “Steam” in the search bar or grab the widget below.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, tap Open to launch the app.

How to redeem Steam codes and keys on your mobile device

It’s convenient to quickly redeem purchased or gifted Steam codes and keys while on the go. Thankfully, Valve’s revamped Steam app has an improved UI design over the previous version, making navigating your library of games and handling account information even more straightforward. Below we’ve outlined the steps to redeem Steam codes and keys while you’re using the app.

Redeem Steam Wallet codes on the Steam app

You may have already acquired the updated Steam app from the early access to the beta. So all included steps for redeeming Steam Wallet codes will assume ownership of the latest version of the Steam app.

  1. Navigate to the Steam app and ensure it is up-to-date; if not tap on Update.
  2. At the top of the app, tap on Wallet > Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code.
  3. Enter your Wallet code in the box and tap Continue to submit; the amount will automatically be added to your funds.

How to redeem Steam keys on mobile

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem your keys directly with the new Steam mobile app. However, there’s still a way around this by redeeming your keys through your mobile web browser, which we’ve outlined below.

  1. Launch your web browser and visit the Steam key register page (and log into your account if you need to).
  2. Enter the key in the Product Code box (also tick the TOS box) and tap Continue to submit. Now your product key is activated and will be available for download in your Steam library.

Reviewing your product activations and licenses on the Steam mobile app

You have a way to review your newly activated products and purchased licenses using the Steam mobile app; you’ll want to review this carefully after you’ve redeemed your Steam keys while using the app.

  1. Launch the Steam app and tap on your profile picture icon.
  2. Tap on Account Details.
  3. While on your account page, scroll and tap View licenses and product key activations. You can review your product activations by title and date on this page.

How to purchase digital gift cards and funds in the Steam app

Maybe you’ve been burned by purchasing and losing physical steam cards, which, thankfully, there’s a way to buy digital gift cards within the Steam app; here’s how.

  1. Launch the Steam app and tap on Wallet.
  2. Tap on Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code.
  3. Scroll down to “Where can I purchase Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes” and tap Purchase Digital Gift Cards.
  4. Select any Gift Card amount, and choose a friend; review your purchase and confirm your final order. Your friend will receive the digital steam gift card automatically.

How to add funds to your Steam wallet

Adding funds to your wallet is a great way to control your spending on digital goods. Plus, it ensures you won’t lose any codes and keys since you’ll buy games directly from the Steam store or top-up on any subscription services using the money sitting in your Steam wallet.

  1. Launch the Steam app and tap on Wallet.
  2. Select a fund level, tap Add funds, choose a payment method, and tap Continue. Once you’ve reviewed your order, confirm, and your funds will be added automatically.

How to download games remotely using the Steam app

You’ll have to ensure the Steam app is registered with your PC before proceeding; otherwise, this feature will not work.

  1. Launch the Steam app and tap on the hamburger menu icon.
  2. Tap on Library, then select a game currently registered in your library.
  3. Ensure you are signed into your Steam desktop app and tap on Remote Download > Download.

Easily redeem your Steam codes while on the go

Owning a mobile device is handy, and it’s always a nifty intermediate between your PC and your Steam Deck, thanks to the Steam app. With the upgraded Steam app on Android, you no longer need to load the desktop app to redeem your keys and codes and download your games. And the updates from Valve will continue to roll out to improve the user experience. Additionally, with the mobile market growing, there’s certainly no shortage of titles to play when some fantastic Android games are also playable on PC!

Conclusion on How to redeem Steam keys and codes on Android

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