Play Store's green accent could soon be a thing of the past

Google gave the Play Store its Material You makeover in October 2021, right around the time of the Google Pixel 6 series launch. Since then, the company has rolled out several smaller design tweaks to the app store’s interface, including a new logo and softer, more rounded buttons. Despite these steady improvements, Google did little to improve the Play Store’s poor dynamic colors implementation. It looks like Google has finally realized this and has started working on fully integrating Material You’s dynamic colors into the Play Store.

Telegram channel Google News reports that Google has started work on incorporating dynamic colors into all Play Store components. The work seems to have begun only recently, so it could be a while before the changes are rolled out. In its current test build, Google appears to have set the accent color to blue, as seen in the screenshots below.

The Play Store currently uses dynamic colors for the navigation and search bar on its home screen. All other UI elements use the green accent color instead of pulling colors from your wallpaper. There’s also a report about this on the Android issue tracker since September 2022, though Google is yet to acknowledge it.

This implementation delivers a sub-par user experience, especially since all other Google apps use Material You and dynamic colors with great results.

Ahead of the Google Pixel Tablet and the rumored Pixel Fold launch later this year, Google is also working on making the Play Store friendlier to large-screen devices. The significant redesign would see the company switch to a “content-forward approach,” where screenshots, descriptions, and videos of apps and games are shown directly on the Play Store’s home screen. It also plans to add a dedicated Kids section to the app store for better discoverability of age-appropriate content.

Google could roll out the improved dynamic color integration in Play Store alongside this major visual revamp later this year.

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Conclusion on Google Play Store may finally get Material You dynamic colors

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