A new 'Top deals for you' section is showing up with personalized coupons

Google Pay might be a little redundant with the Google Wallet app making its return last year, but it’s the more robust of the two apps with its financial insights, plus it’s still home to tap and pay, and it makes it easy to send money to friends. Google hasn’t abandoned the app for its newer sibling, either, as evidenced by a new feature some users are starting to see in Google Pay.

On the app’s home screen, underneath the buttons that give you quick access to common features, many users are starting to see a Top deals for you section. This includes a personalized list of coupons for stores and restaurants in your area that Google thinks you might want to visit, based on your history and usage. There’s even an I’m Feeling Lucky button that will take you straight to a recommended deal.

Google Pay’s new recommended deals section

It appears that many of these recommendations are sponsored, meaning the retailer has made the offer available to Google Pay users to increase visibility and the likelihood that you might visit their store. But Google is curating these offers based on your location history, if enabled, and past purchases made in the Google Pay app. Selecting an offer will activate it and auto-apply the discount when you use one of your cards at the participating store. You can tap the offer again to see details like when the coupon expires and eligible items, plus get a link to find nearby stores.

The new feature appears to be an account-based server-side rollout, and it’s likely dependent on if you have purchase history in the Google Pay app. But the app version we’ve seen it on is 173.1.4, which is what you should receive if you head to the Play Store and download or update the Google Pay app today.

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Conclusion on Google Pay has some deals it wants you to take a look at

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