The MVNO has so far relied on both T-Mobile and US Cellular to provide its services

Google Fi has long been a better — and cheaper — way to improve your cellular network experience on some of the top Android phones that are compatible with Fi. That has been possible because the MVNO has so far relied on two network providers, T-Mobile and US Cellular, to get you a strong signal wherever you are. It now looks like Google Fi is dropping US Cellular, at least as its official partner, but you have little to worry about.

In response to a customer complaint, a Google Fi support agent shared that US Cellular isn’t the MVNO’s primary network provider anymore, leaving Fi completely dependent on T-Mobile. However, US Cellular is still a part of Fi’s extended network, which Google uses to provide domestic roaming services. A Google spokesperson confirmed this change to Fi’s network partnership to 9to5Google.

What this basically means is that Fi will stay connected to T-Mobile even if US Cellular has a better signal in that area and will switch to the latter’s network only when roaming to areas where T-Mobile isn’t accessible. And Fi users will be able to use their connection on domestic roaming without any extra charge as before.

Many users have already started to see the effect of this change. A Fi customer couldn’t connect to US Cellular’s network when using an eSIM but was able to get a 4G signal using an old physical Fi SIM card. Other users who recently activated a new line with Google Fi haven’t been able to force switch to the USCC profile on their supported handsets. While basic troubleshooting didn’t help them, Fi’s support team was less than helpful as it had no clue about the change until recently.

This news led many to believe that their Fi connection wouldn’t work in areas where T-Mobile doesn’t offer its services. But if you frequently travel to areas where US Cellular is the only viable option, your Google Fi connection can still seamlessly switch to roaming for uninterrupted service. However, you will lose the option to switch to US Cellular wherever T-Mobile is available. And if this change has left you worried, you can consider Google Fi alternatives like Mint Mobile to see if they meet your needs.

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Conclusion on Google Fi just removed US Cellular as its 'official' network

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