Forget bookmarks — Chrome now lets you jot down notes in the margins

A new feature flag is live in Chrome Canary for desktop

Google recently added a feature to Chrome that lets you add notes to your saved passwords. This was handy for giving yourself hints about security challenges or saving the date when you last changed a password, but the browser’s development team hasn’t stopped there — the desktop version of Chrome Canary just got a new feature flag that lets you add notes to any website as if you were jotting something down in the margins of a book.

This feature has been in the works for many months, but browser expert Leopeva64 just spotted an easily accessible toggle for enabling the new functionality in version 113.0.5624.0. The way it works is simple — just right-click any part of a website and choose “Add a note” from the context menu, then jot down whatever’s on your mind and click “Add” to save it for future reference.

Sadly, this doesn’t work to annotate specific portions of text or sections of the website. You can highlight text, right-click it, and choose “Add a note,” but Chrome treats it exactly the same way as it does when you right-click the background of a page. In other words, these notes are only tied to a certain URL, not elements within the page.

However, you can use your notes as a starting point in browsing, much like a bookmark. Just open Chrome’s sidebar by clicking the rectangular icon in the menu towards the top-right corner, then select “Notes” from the drop-down. At first, you’ll be shown notes for the current website you’re viewing, if any — but if you click “All notes,” you’ll find a list of your notes categorized by URL. Clicking one of these opens the website where you made the note and gives you a more detailed view of the note itself.

To try this feature, you’ll need to be running Chrome 113.0.5624.0 or higher, which is currently only available on the Canary channel. Once you’re on the right version, you’ll need to enable two feature flags: the first can be found at chrome://flags/#power-bookmark-backend, and the second is available at chrome://flags/#user-notes-side-panel. After that, restart Chrome and the feature will work as shown in the above GIFs.

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