Pokémon games offer a formula that can be seriously addicting, like being the first to fill up an index/compendium, befriending a diverse cast of creatures, and becoming the world’s best tamer/trainer. Sadly, the core series is locked behind the Nintendo vault, so you can only play these titles if you are in that ecosystem, and it’s not like Nintendo’s main entry games will expand to Android and iOS anytime soon, either. Thankfully, Pokémon isn’t the only game with addictive monster-catching mechanics. So we’ve rounded up the best Android games that are often mistaken for Pokémon clones, titles that are easily played on your favorite Android gaming phone. So, you can “catch ’em all,” but just in a different IP.

1 EvoCreo

EvoCreo is in the same vein as Pokémon for monster-collecting and battling; you’ll catch Creos in wild grass, form a party of five, and train them to become strong in battle. But what sets EvoCreo apart from Pokémon is the deep customization adding a new layer of strategy from the usual “gotta catch ’em all” collecting frenzy. In battle, your Creos use tiered and rechargeable moves to prevent you from spamming the same powerful move for cheap wins, giving you some semblance of a challenge.

And if you’re stuck, there’s more in the bag to get your team up and running, like the boons and traits system providing additional buffs and bonuses in combat. So if you’re coming into the Pokémon games looking for deeper gameplay, EvoCreo brings in those enriching customization tools you’ll find in the best RPGs on Android.

2 Beastie Bay

Imagine a mashup between an old-school Pokémon game with Stardew Valley — that’s basically what Beastie Bay is. Unfortunately, the island doesn’t welcome you with open arms, leaving it in your hands how you want to approach island life. Will you turn your island experience into a wilderness survival trip or create an island of paradise?

Everything is determined by how hard you work, such as the resources you collect, the bases you build, and the farmlands you maintain. Of course, it wouldn’t feel like Pokémon without the ability to battle, capture, and trade critters with your friends. All in all, Beastie Bay does a decent job of including all our favorite core features from Pokémon.

3 Monster Super League

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Pokémon’s vibrant and cutesy designs. Luckily, Monster Super League takes great inspiration by creating a game full of beautiful animations and charming creature designs. But Monster Super League isn’t just there to be eye candy. We are still getting all Pokémon classic goodies, like adventuring, Astromon (this game’s version of Pokémon) collecting, battling, and trying to become the best master in the world.

Monster Super League also brings in a sense of urgency (unlike most Pokémon games) where the balance restoration of the world is in your hands, so the actions you take, and the preparations you make, will ultimately decide the world’s impending fate.

4 Clash Royale

Maybe you’re a bit burnt out on the traditional monster-catching and collecting gameplay loop, and you prefer the other flavoring, Pokémon’s trading card game (TCG). Clash Royale resembles Pokémon’s TCG with how you collect monster cards, outsmart your opponents during real-time strategy duels, and upgrade your lineup to build the best deck possible.

Of course, this style of card playing isn’t out of the norm for some of the best card games we have on Android. But we chose Clash Royale due to the simplicity of how building out your deck and battling it out works, much like how’d you’d approach any standard match in Pokémon’s TCG.

5 Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters introduces a new spin on Pokémon battling. The game introduces 4v4 between two teams with 16 monster slots, which is a lot more to juggle than from the usual 6 or fewer Pokémon teams you form, where you’re sending out one Pokémon at a time (unless special circumstances in some Pokémon games) to duke it out.

Catching, training, and evolving your monsters will be important when maintaining your teams, and Neo Monsters certainly doesn’t shy away from its combat-heavy roots. So you’ll either appreciate what Neo Monsters brings to the table or decide it may not be for you.

6 Monster Masters

Monster Masters is another monster dueler-focused game, but it doesn’t take as much time to play through matches. Team management becomes limited around the monsters you collect, which can be both good or bad depending on the type of player you are. What separates this game is the even larger emphasis on multiplayer; this is where Monster Masters shines.

And if you’re not feeling up to snuff on joining leagues, you can always participate in private battles with your friends. So, if you’re looking for a quick monster dueler while on the go, we recommend trying out Monster Masters.

7 Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is definitely a Pokémon knockoff in full capacity. It’s a port of a Nintendo 3DS title that actually works well on Android. The downside of Monster Hunter Stories is the regular pricing is a bit on the hefty side compared to most mobile games. Monster Hunter Stories does offer more of a focus on the breeding mechanic, where you’ll find and hatch eggs while venturing around monster dens. The game features a charming storyline that’ll surely draw in your love for adventuring.

8 Evertale

New players won’t think Evertale is a Pokémon clone. And this is partially true since Evertale 2.0 launched, giving the entire game a rehaul on the gacha system to include characters. However, the monster-catching gameplay is still a central feature while playing through the story campaign; catching rare monsters from the shaking grass, needing to knock down the monster’s health to increase the odds of captures, and some designs vary from cutesy to fierce, just like Pokémon.

Even if you’re here to collect monsters, you can ignore character collecting and focus on forming a team of monsters for a more authentic Pokémon-like experience. But Evertale isn’t afraid to persuade you to “catch ’em all” either, which is fantastic for motivated collectors like ourselves.

9 Dungeon Village 2

Being a Pokémon fan, you might’ve dabbled in Niantic’s AR game, Pokémon Go. The app uses real-world locations to feel like you’re getting a Pokémon experience in your house or on a walk. But maybe you’d prefer to throw away those real-life settings and connections within your games; here’s where Dungeon Village 2 shines the most as a Pokémon clone. Essentially you have to work on building your charming RPG town, which can be parked anywhere from alluring snowfields to luscious grasslands. And if you’d like, you can recreate the small-town vibe from Pallet Town or a bustling city like Lumiose City. But, of course, city management is only part of the experience; you still have to go out (in the app only) and befriend monsters and consider traveling to other regions to discover monsters native to those lands — sound familiar?

10 Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys clearly took great inspiration (maybe in a parodic way) from the mainline Pokémon games. The app’s premise is to collect Mortys, each Morty has its own variation, and your job is to catch them all and train them up, so you can build out a powerful team to battle against other Morty trainers. In addition, the game includes multiplayer, which is another fun incentive to catch and evolve only the best Mortys to win your matches confidently. And even if you’re not here to build a competitive roster, you can always just leisurely play through the campaign mode while uncovering all the quirky (not-so-secret) Rick and Morty references. If you’re a fan of both, this is undoubtedly the app to load up on your phone/tablet.

Becoming the best monster tamer and trainer on Android

We all adore Pokémon and understand how revolutionary the franchise has become for the evolving monster-catching and trading card genre. But plenty of competing games have adopted their own versions of loveable critters and well-told stories. Hopefully, our roundup of the best Pokémon clones gives you more appreciation of what these games offer, and you can keep aspiring to the “gotta catch ’em all” attitude in any of the games you pick up in today’s roundup.

Conclusion on Best Pokémon clones on Android in 2023

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