Best Marvel Snap decks for all players

Marvel Snap is one of the best card games for mobile, for a good reason. Our review of the game praised its innovative approach to deck-building, which made building Marvel Snap decks a breeze. However, the best Marvel Snap decks are harder to build than you think. With only 12 card slots, you don’t have a lot of breathing room for backups and alternate strategies. Every card matters, more so than in other card games.

We’ve rounded up the best Marvel Snap decks in the current meta with a slew of handy tips and tricks to ensure you use them successfully. Remember, at higher ranks, you’ll probably face identical decks, so you’ll need to practice extensively to win. Use one of the best budget Android tablets to help you keep track of what’s happening in one of Android’s best games.

Want to try deck-building outside of the game? Use this handy online deck builder to experiment with cards you don’t own.

Best Marvel Snap beginner decks

Due to the limited choice of cards, you may struggle to rack up consistent victories with these beginner decks. Fortunately, you’ll quickly unlock stronger cards, so use these decks to understand strategy before replacing cards with more powerful versions.


This deck revolves around Ka-Zar, an Ongoing card that increases the power of every 1-cost card in play. Coupled with Blue Marvel, your 1-cost cards will punch far above their weight. Depending on your preferences, you can mix this deck up a bit. If you find yourself with too many cards in play, use cards like Sword Master or Blade to maximize the amount of power per location. You won’t need Quicksilver here with this many 1-cost cards.

Watch out for: Killmonger

Killmonger destroys every 1-cost card in play, which can effectively make your deck useless. To counter this, play Armor to protect one location and stack your higher-cost cards in another. This leaves just one location for Killmonger to affect, drastically reducing its effectiveness.

Devil Dinosaur

Knowing that you don’t need to win every location is key here. Devil Dinosaur increases in power for every card in your hand (to a max of 17) and can be increased to 34 when paired with Onslaught. If you’re lucky enough to encounter the right locations, you can multiply this effect by stacking Iron Man on top. In turns 1-4, focus on filling your hand with cards to maximize Devil Dinosaur’s impact.

Watch out for: Shang-Chi

This Pool 2 card can devastate this deck, as its On Reveal ability can easily take out Devil Dinosaur. Counter this by playing Armor or Cosmo in the same location as Devil Dinosaur.


Ongoing is a relatively easy deck for beginners; it follows simple rules to achieve victory. The key cards here are Namor and Klaw. Ensure Namor stands alone on the rightmost slot and use Klaw to boost his power. Control another location with Iron Man; you’ve got some easy wins.

Watch out for: Enchantress

This card can nullify the effects of any Ongoing cards at its location. Fortunately, it’s an On Reveal card, so counter it via bluffing or Cosmo to waste your opponent’s attempt to nullify your best cards.

These intermediate decks can score you wins even against advanced decks, so make sure you practice extensively to make the most out of them, as they often rely on multiple strategies to win.

Skip Turns

This deck is unlike most in that there are multiple ways to use it. Sunspot increases in power with every unspent energy, which has a couple of potential benefits. Firstly, you can use it to save cards to power up Devil Dinosaur. Secondly, you can use it to skip Turn 5 (while still gaining power) to play The Infinaut. The third way to play this deck is to draw as many cards as possible, then play Devil Dinosaur and Odin. Odin can trigger cards like Cable and The Collector again, ensuring you can max out the power of Devil Dinosaur.

Watch out for: Playing both strategies

It’s tempting to do everything at once with this deck. Carefully evaluate your opening hand, and decide which of the above three strategies you’ll use. Switching between them mid-game can result in disaster.


The concept for this deck is simple, discard Apocalypse as often as possible, then slam him on the board to guarantee a location win. Apocalypse can’t win you two locations, so use powerful low-cost cards like Morbius and Blade to secure another location.

Watch out for: Discarding the wrong card

This is a risky deck; you may discard necessary cards or never discard Apocalypse. We’ve included America Chavez to minimize this risk, but it’s wise to know when to cut your losses when playing with this deck.


Pool 2 introduces plenty of movement cards that synergize with each other well. While it isn’t a very adaptable deck (if you spot the Fisk Tower location, retreat!), you can chain up a devastating combo without much risk. Multiple Man and Vulture are the keys to this deck, so play them as early as possible.

Watch out for: Predictable gameplay

By turn 3, your opponent will know what you’re up to with this deck. We recommend Snapping early if your opening hand looks good, as your opponent may retreat early. Watch for Professor X, as it prevents your cards from moving around.

Best Marvel Snap advanced decks

Pool 3 is where things start getting serious. While you can occasionally get away with using Pool 1 decks against Pool 2 tiers, this strategy won’t work here. Playing with these advanced cards requires strong knowledge of the metagame.


The addition of Destroyer in Pool 3 offers players the ability to build an easy-to-learn but powerful deck. This 16-power card destroys all your other cards, but you can take advantage of or negate this effect by including cards like Bucky Barnes and Armor. Play Wave to put Destroyer down early.

Watch out for: Card placement

This deck can fall apart very quickly without careful card placement. Don’t be afraid to skip a turn for optimal positioning, and play Green Goblin and Hobgoblin in a different location than Destroyer for maximum efficiency.


While the Destroyer deck is relatively easy to learn, this deck requires knowledge of all your options. Sera reduces the cost of all your cards by one, allowing you to chain up some truly devastating end-game combos. While Sera is vital here, this deck also rewards creative thinking, so it’s ideal for high-skill players who want to show off their deck-building skills.

Watch out for: Enchantress

While the Sera deck is incredibly powerful in the right hands, it’s also a common sight in Pool 3 decks. Expect people to counter your deck with cards like Enchantress, so keep all three locations open for Sera to minimize the chance of encountering it.

Best Universal decks

These decks are built using cards from every pool, including the ultra-rare Pool 5. These Pools are where new cards are first added and are moved to lower Pools with subsequent releases. So if you’re eager for a Thanos or Galactus, you may need to wait until new cards are added to the game.

Galactus Destroy

Galactus is a risky card that destroys all other locations when played. You can drastically reduce your opponent’s power by playing cards like Green Goblin and Hobgoblin in the same lane. This is a risky but devastating strategy.

Watch out for: Misplacing the Goblins

The best strategy for this deck is to play Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Galactus in the same lane. Better still if they’ve already added two cards to that location. However, playing the Goblins in different lanes is a waste of cards.

Thanos Destroy

Including Thanos in a deck shuffles the six Infinity Stones into your deck at the start of a game. These stones are all 1-cost cards and offer a variety of flexible abilities to control the board. However, most are On Reveal cards that only offer up one power, meaning they can take up unnecessary space. This deck lets you remove the Stones to make way for cards that offer up powerful synergies.

Watch out for: Relying on the Infinity Stones

The Infinity Stones can devastate your opponent when they’re all played, but you still have to draw them. We recommend practicing with this deck without Thanos first, as you can learn about the other synergies included. Once you’ve racked up a few victories, add Thanos and take advantage of the Infinity Stones’ flexibility.

What are Marvel Snap’s Pools?

Unlike other collectible card games, Marvel Snap doesn’t let you craft or buy cards outright. Instead, you unlock cards by ranking up your collection level, which is increased by upgrading cards.

While it seems random at first, the cards you unlock in the Collection Level Track are divided into three groups called Pools. While each Pool contains the same cards, the order in which players unlock them is random, and this means beginners cannot immediately build decks from Pool 2 or 3 cards.

  • Pool 1 (46 cards) – Level 18 – 214
  • Pool 2 (25 cards) – Level 222 – 474
  • Pool 3 (74 cards) – Level 486+
  • Pools 4 & 5 (22 cards) – Level 468+ (Rare)
  • To avoid confusion, we’ve organized these decks into their respective Pools. Those new to the game should focus on Pool 1 decks while making use of these tips & tricks for beginners, and experienced players should skip to the Pool 3 section.

    Pool 4 & 5 cards are comprised of the latest releases. These pools are constantly changing as cards are moved down to Pool 3. Cards in these pools are significantly rarer than Pool 3 cards, so they will be harder to acquire than Pool 3 cards despite being unlocked at the same level. Skip to the Universal section for decks that require cards from all Pools.

    {Regardless of your collection level, you may encounter cards from higher pools than yours. Because of this, we’ve included standard counters to Pool 1 and Pool 2 decks to save you from some crushing defeats.

    Practice is the best way to win

    Building the best deck is only half the battle. Practice extensively, and grab a friend to play with in Battle Mode to fine-tune your strategy. Once you’ve made a deck you’re happy with, try these advanced tips and tricks to ensure you’re utilizing its full power

    Conclusion on Best Marvel Snap decks for all players

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