Best Google Play Pass games and apps available in 2023

Google Play Pass is a $4.99 subscription with a lot of benefits. Through it, many paid apps and games are free to download, while free apps have ads or microtransactions removed. It includes hundreds of games and apps, including some of the best games on Android, so if you’ve just picked up a new Android tablet, it’s a great way to make the most out of your new device.

However, unlike Apple Arcade, Play Pass includes less attractive titles you have to wade through to find the good stuff. This is why we’ve sorted through the current Play Pass selection to dig up the best apps and games you get with your subscription. So if you’re on the hunt for the best Play Pass games and apps on Android, you’ve come to the right place.


Many of the best apps on Android are included with Play Pass, so if you’re constantly hunting for the latest and greatest apps, a Play Pass subscription is a fantastic value. Play Pass includes a lot of specialized apps, so you can probably get every app you need from your subscription.

Fast Scanner

There are plenty of ways to scan documents with your phone; Google Drive even has this functionality built in. But Play Pass subscribers should go straight to Fast Scanner as a necessary install. It offers many features, but what makes it stand out is the speed with which you can scan and format documents. Your Play Pass subscription removes the pop-up ads, which would otherwise constantly interrupt your usage of the base app, making for a pleasant experience.


Tasker hardly needs an introduction. It’s essentially the go-to solution for anyone that wants to automate their Android experience. You can expect over 200 built-in actions and a bunch of loops, variables, and conditions, making it easy to automate countless actions on your device. So if you’d like to gain more control over your machine without having to root, Tasker is the #1 choice.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a versatile app that offers a wide range of artistic tools. Best experienced on one of the best Android tablets, it’s got everything you need to create digital art. So not only is this one of the better drawing and painting apps on the Play Store, but subscribing through Play Pass nets you all the add-ons, making this the best art and design app available on Play Pass in 2022.

Moon+ Reader Pro

Moon+ Reader Pro is more customizable than Kindle and has been around for ages. However, you can’t purchase ebooks through Moon+ Reader Pro and instead have to sideload them. This means the app should appeal to those who collect epubs or are interested in stripping DRM from their legitimate purchases. So if you are not a DRM fan and manually manage your ebook library, using Moon+ Reader Pro on Android is an easy choice.

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus

I’ve been using Android since the HTC Hero, and I’ve had a quality music player installed on my devices since the first. This means I’ve gone through more than my fair share of music players in search of the best options available. During this search, I spent a reasonable amount of time with jetAudio, and I have to say it’s a quality release. Not only is it compatible with many sound effects plugins, but you can also expect a wide range of audio codec support, which means you can easily play just about any music file, and they will all sound great. There are 32 equalizer presets, and you can manually set up a 10 or 20-band equalizer. All in all, jetAudio is one of the most customizable and feature-rich music players on the Play Store, so don’t miss out.

myTuner Radio App: FM Radio + Internet Radio Tuner

myTuner Radio gets you access to over 50,000 stations on offer from over 200 countries, as well as a slew of podcasts. There are some convenient features here, for example, you can search for a song to see if any available stations are currently playing it. MyTuner Radio App is what radio should have always been, and if you’re a Google Play Pass subscriber, you can use the entire app without any limitations.

Rain Sounds – Sleep & Relax

Rain Sounds – Sleep & Relax offers high-quality sounds, with a variety of carefully selected rain types that should be suitable for many different occasions. So if you suffer from sleepless nights, maybe it’s time to check out this relaxation app to see if you can calm your nerves and finally get some rest.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Pro)

Google Recorder might be the best recorder app on Android around, but Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is the next best thing. Whether you like to record music, shopping lists, or voice notes, Hi-Q Voice Recorder can fulfill your needs. It’s got tons of features, but this doesn’t make it difficult to use; you can pick it up and start recording within seconds. Hi-Q offers different output formats, automatic cloud backup, input gain settings, wi-fi transfer, and more for those who like to tinker with everything an app provides. It’s a perfect replacement for the stock recording app on your phone.

Pixgram – video photo slideshow

Pixgram is an excellent video and photo slideshow app. It offers many customization options, such as filter effects and music support. These tools make it easy to create professional slideshows accompanied by your favorite tunes, which is excellent if you enjoy sharing your photography on social media.

Business Calendar 2・Agenda, Planner & Organizer

Business Calendar 2 is the latest calendar app from Appgenix Software. Six views are possible, and popups are supported in the month view (my favorite feature). There’s also a daily and weekly planner; each is adjustable for 1-14 days. You can even sync Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Exchange, one of the app’s more significant selling points. If it doesn’t suit you, try one of the best calendar apps for Android.

AppLocker | Lock Apps – Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern

If you often share your Android device with members of your family or friends, it’s probably a good idea to use a release like AppLocker to secure the more private apps on the device, such as your photo app or banking apps. By locking specific titles behind a password, you can safely hand over your device to just about anyone without worrying about them digging through your personal data.


If you’re looking for something to play, Play Pass might be ideal, as many of the titles within its catalog are included in our best games for Android roundup. There’s a broad range of genres included with your subscription, including RPGs, platformers, and puzzle games.

Mini Metro

On the surface, Mini Metro looks to be a relaxing puzzle game where you’ll build a simplified metro system. In reality, it’s a challenging, pulse-pounding simulator where you’ll have to think five steps ahead at all times to keep your trains running. Don’t let it deceive you; this is one of the most challenging puzzle games included with Play Pass, and it’s a blast.

Game Dev Tycoon

We’ve all dreamed of creating that perfect video game, and Game Dev Tycoon lets you see just how successful it would be. From your humble origins as a solo dev in your garage to the leader of a full-fledged games company, you’ll have to balance money and time to create the perfect games. It’s a great adventure that simulates the last few decades of video games and keeps the tension up throughout the game.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the best games on the Play Store. While the touchscreen controls are a bit difficult, physical controllers are supported, which creates more comfortable gameplay. If you’re looking for a great RPG on Play Pass that will occupy your time for hours, you can’t go much further than this.

Bright Paw

Bright Paw is a striking and enjoyable puzzle-based adventure game that provides over 70 hand-crafted stages, so it should easily keep puzzle fans busy for a good while. It’s not an easy game, so if you’re looking for a title that will stimulate your mind, Bright Paw is what you’re looking for.

The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone is an environment puzzler similar to Monument Valley. You’ll explore beautifully rendered facades and interiors as you piece together the game’s story through revealed objects and memories. While this is a short game, the experience is well worth the time it takes to install the title, plus the visuals are hard to beat. So if you enjoy artful puzzlers, The Almost Gone should appeal.

Star Wars: KOTOR

Seventeen years ago, the best Star Wars-themed RPG ever made was released on the original Xbox. Twelve years later, Bioware’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was ported to Android by Aspyr Media. This means you can play this classic from the comfort of your phone or tablet, and it definitely shouldn’t be missed. The game plays great using the default touchscreen controls, plus it also supports external controllers for those of you who require something more tactile.


Grimvalor is an incredible action game with excellent graphics and quality controls. The game supports physical controllers, though the touchscreen controls perform well in a pinch. Reviews of the game have remained positive since its original release on the Apple App Store in 2018, so you can rest assured that the Android port looks and plays just as well as it does on iOS. So make sure you don’t miss out on this if you enjoy challenging action-adventure games that include many RPG elements.

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is an indie puzzle that’s existed on PC since 2018, and the newer Android version is an excellent port. The game plays like a point-and-click adventure game; as you can see, the superb art easily stands out. The game is somewhat reminiscent of Life is Strange, thanks to its soothing music and art design, but rest assured, the story offers a tale worth experiencing, which should last most players about two and a half hours.

Space Marshals

Space Marshals is an enjoyable Sci-fi Wild West adventure game, and it’s not just about shooting aliens because you’ll have to take cover, acquire gear, choose the right weapons, and know which tools are best for each situation. You can go in guns blazing or rely on a silencer to sneak through each level. So while certain aspects may sound similar to the X-Com series, this is not a turn-based affair, which means you’ll have to choose each approach with care.

Titan Quest

DotEmu’s port of Titan Quest offers a top-down action RPG, though it’s an older title that was first released on PC in 2006. So maybe 13 years on the shelf isn’t quite long enough for a game to be called a classic, but anyone who’s a fan of a hack-and-slash set up with tons of loot in play should be able to overlook such a thing. The setting is ancient Greek mythology, and the extras are surprisingly robust, so if you’re looking for one of the best RPG’s on Android, this is it.


LIMBO is a platformer and puzzler favorite among the Steam and console crowd, and it’s creepy, super creepy. So creepy that it will give you recurring nightmares about a tiny big-headed boy and the various wretched ways he gets monochromatically disemboweled. The atmosphere and puzzles are fantastic; many games copied this title’s black and white formula. Still, it’s always best to stick with the original, and for a good reason. LIMBO is easily one of the best platformers available for Android.

Golf Peaks

I’m a sucker for golf games, but Golf Peaks is more a puzzler than a traditional golf title. While the goal remains the same, to get the ball in the hole, you must go about this completely differently. You’ll use cards to move the ball, which adds a good bit of strategy to the title since you’ll have to use your cards wisely to complete each stage. This enjoyable puzzler offers a slick theme that works very well, which is why this is one of my favorite titles, so I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out.

Old Man’s Journey

Who doesn’t love playing through a beautiful puzzle adventure game with a great story? Old Man’s Journey is undoubtedly one of the most polished titles in this genre. Not only is the artwork incredible, but the music adds such a fantastic tone to the gameplay that you are instantly immersed in the old man’s adventure. The only shortcoming I can find is that this is a linear story that will not hold much value for extra playthroughs.

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is a fantastic port of the console and PC point-and-click adventure game. It runs wonderfully on Android, and the included controller support is just as good as on PC and consoles. Not only was this title created by the original developers behind some of the best adventure games ever made, such as Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, but it also contains all the classic stylings of those inspirational titles. So if you’re looking for a fresh trip down memory lane with the added bonus of an X-Files-like theme, Thimbleweed Park is a superb choice.


Teslagrad is a fantastic indie puzzle-platformer that offers hand-drawn art, a unique steampunk-inspired story, and enjoyable gameplay. The touch controls work well, and there’s also physical controller support, should you need it. The gameplay resembles that of a Metroidvania title, so expect to pick up plenty of new skills as you progress through the game’s gorgeous environments, which should last most players five hours or more.


Originally released on Playstation in 1997, Final Fantasy VII represented a huge step forwards for the franchise. It’s been ported to numerous platforms; this Android version is a port of the PC version. It’s a fantastic blast of nostalgia for anyone familiar with the franchise, and it’s been optimized for Android. It’s not just a set of changed controls; you can also turn off encounters on the world and area maps and use the Max Stats command to skip the leveling-up part.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal offers a unique merging of ClockStone’s bridge-building gameplay with Valve’s portal-creation universe. This combo makes for an enjoyable puzzle game containing each series’s best mechanics. The touch controls are fantastic, and the optional physical controller support works as expected. Oh, and best of all, Ellen McLain, the original voice of GLaDOS, makes an appearance to help guide you through the tutorial. What else could you ask for?

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Play Pass’s subscription fee is a reasonable price considering the number of apps and games included. However, if it’s just games you want, Netflix Games’ library is regularly updated with some fantastic titles.

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