Best Google Pixel 7 screen protectors in 2023

The Google Pixel 7 is undoubtedly one of the best Android phones of 2023. After all, it has a powerful Tensor chip, solid cameras, and an enticing price tag. So if you have one, it deserves the best care. While an excellent Pixel 7 case is quite helpful in keeping the phone safe and sound, a screen protector makes equal sense if you want the included OLED screen to remain blemish-free.

Sure, Google has included the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, but we all know it's not infallible. And a little extra protection hurt no one.

As you can expect, there are tons of Pixel 7 screen protectors on the market. For example, you can get a tempered glass offering, a TPU film, or a PET screen protector. But if you aren't sure which to pick, our handpicked recommendations below have something for everybody.

amFilm has a solid track record of producing high-quality tempered glass screen protectors at affordable rates. So it’s hard to go wrong with the company’s offering for your brand-new Pixel 7. It promises to protect the phone’s beautiful 6.3-inch OLED screen from scratches, scrapes, and other blemishes. Moreover, as the glass is only 0.26mm thick, it doesn’t impact touch sensitivity or the fingerprint sensor performance. That said, follow the company’s instructions to ensure the in-display fingerprint sensor continues to work even after the screen protector installation.

Speaking of the installation, amFilm bundles an alignment frame in the box that makes the whole process super smooth. Plus, you get three tempered glass protectors in the box. If you mess one up while installing, you’ll have two spares on hand.

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amFilm Screen Protector For Pixel 7

The Whitestone Dome Glass is one of the more expensive screen protectors for the Pixel 7, but there is a reason for that. Its UV-curing system results in a better seal than traditional glass protectors and helps with the performance of the in-display fingerprint sensor.

Sure, the slightly unusual installation freaks out most first-time buyers. Still, there are plenty of helpful installation tutorials online to guide you all the way, like the one from Whitestone. As long as you apply it correctly, it won't disappoint you. The $40 Whitestone Dome Glass kit for the Pixel 7 includes two screen protectors, so even if you mess up the installation for the first time, you have a spare to get it right the second go-round.

Apart from being great for the in-display fingerprint sensor, the glass protector is equally good at keeping the screen safe from anything that may scar it.

Another highlight of the Dome Glass protector is the included camera guard that will keep the rear camera bar safe from scratches, scrapes, and other scars that may hamper the look of the phone.

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Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector For Pixel 7

Supershieldz has made a name for itself by consistently producing high-quality screen protectors for phones, and this tempered glass protector for the Pixel 7 is no exception. Rated for 9H hardness, it'll protect the screen from any blemishes, including scratches and scrapes.

While the company doesn't include an alignment tray like some other popular protectors, you get alignment stickers that will help you install the tempered glass without much fuss. Plus, the pack has three screen protectors, so even if you mess one up, you have spare to try again.

At $10, it's fantastic value and includes the oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to resist fingerprint smudges and sweat marks.

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Supershieldz Tempered Glass For Pixel 7

The Made-in-the-USA ArmorSuit MilitaryShield is one of the most popular TPU-based screen protectors on the market. So if you want TPU film for the Pixel 7, there is no better option. Its two-pack includes two case-friendly TPU films that offer a perfect fit with the phone. The film is also scratch-resistant and includes anti-yellowing material to ensure it continues to provide exceptional clarity even after months of usage.

One of the other major highlights of the MilitaryShield is its self-healing property, which helps the screen protector recover from minor blemishes over time. The company also promises a lifetime replacement warranty, so you can get free replacements if you have any issues with it.

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ArmorSuit MilitaryShield For Pixel 7

ZAGG is one of the few brands whose screen protectors Google recommends if you are having trouble with the fingerprint sensor. So given the hit-or-miss track record of in-display fingerprint sensors with tempered glass protectors, it’s a good idea to pick the one that Google itself endorses.

The Glass Elite for the Pixel 7 promises better shatter protection than other tempered glass options and features reinforced edges to stop chipping or cracks. In other features, the company has treated the Glass Elite with its ClearPrint technology, which ensures it doesn’t attract fingerprint smudges.

Lastly, thanks to the bundled EZ Apply Tray and install tabs, you won’t have any issues installing the Glass Elite on your phone.

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ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite For Pixel 7

In addition to its tempered glass protector, AACL offers a screen guard made with PET material. It works well with Pixel 7's fingerprint sensor while protecting the screen from scratches and other minor blemishes. As you can expect, it's not as protective as tempered glass, but that's a sacrifice you'll have to make for fingerprint sensor support.

Unlike some TPU-based protectors that require a wet install, applying the AACL Hybrid Film is super easy. And the supplied alignment frame helps in lining up the film. You'll also be happy to know that AACL bundles four screen protectors in each pack, which is more than enough to last the phone's lifetime.

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AACL Hybrid Film For Pixel 7

Orzero’s tempered glass offering will protect the Pixel 7 screen without breaking the bank. It’s made of a thin glass film that can take on everyday mishaps without compromising screen clarity or responsiveness. Another highlight of the Orzero offering is the lifetime replacement warranty. So if you have any issues with the screen protector, you can reach out to the company for a replacement.

The installation process is relatively straightforward, even though the company doesn’t include a typical installation frame. Instead, you get a simple alignment tool that plugs into the USB-C port and helps you guide the protector on display. In addition, there are several installation tutorials on the company’s YouTube channel for help.

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Orzero Screen Protector For Pixel 7

If you are having a tough time with tempered glass protectors and Pixel 7's in-display fingerprint sensor, this IQ Shield screen protector is a good alternative. This clear film protector is made of TPU material, which typically doesn't impact the fingerprint sensor performance.

The one major caveat with this screen guard is its wet install method. You may find it tricky if this is the first time you are trying the wet install. Moreover, you don't get an alignment tray. Fortunately, you can reposition the IQ Shield screen protector for several minutes after you put it on the screen, giving you sufficient time to get it right. You also get two screen protectors in each pack, so even if you mess up the installation the first time, you have a spare to try again.

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IQ Shield Screen Protector For Pixel 7

You'll love this Skinomi screen protector if you're into TPU films. It'll protect the front of your phone from scratches, punctures, and minor dents. And thanks to the self-healing nature of TPU, Skinomi TechSkin can recover from minor abrasions over time.

The screen protector uses a wet installation method that allows you to adjust until you get the perfect alignment. It's also less susceptible to bubbles during the application process. In other features, the TechSkin has superb clarity and doesn't impact the touch response of Pixel 7's display.

Moreover, the screen protector delivers excellent value at $9, and you get two TPU films in one pack.

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Skinomi TechSkin For Pixel 7

Tempered glass films make the best screen protectors, and this one from AACL is an excellent option for the Pixel 7. Even though it costs just $10, it delivers a fantastic performance. In addition, its 9H hardness-rated glass can protect the phone's display from cracks, scratches, scrapes, dents, and other blemishes.

The AACL protector also shines on the installation front thanks to the bundled alignment frame that makes installation seamless, and you'll be ready to use your phone in a matter of minutes.

Like most high-quality screen protectors, it has exceptional clarity, and there won't be any interference with the display's touch response. The company has also included hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to reduce sweat and fingerprint marks.

Keep in mind that as the tempered glass is case-friendly, it doesn't offer the maximum coverage to avoid obstructing case usage. Lastly, you get three screen protectors in one pack, enough to last your phone's lifetime.

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AACL Screen Protector For Pixel 7

This Sparin Screen Protector is a great value-for-money tempered glass pack for your Pixel 7. At $6, it is affordable, and you get two screen protectors and two camera guards in each pack. Besides, it keeps the screen safe from scratches, scrapes, and dents. But it has a mixed record dealing with drops, according to some user reviews.

The screen protector also features an oleophobic coating to keep the smudges away. Plus, you get a bundled alignment frame for seamless installation. Finally, the glass protector and camera guard are case-friendly, so you should have no issues using them with your favorite case.

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Sparin Screen Protector For Pixel 7

Although primarily known for its smartphone cases, Caseology also produces solid screen protectors, like this Snap Fit tempered glass protector for the Pixel 7. It’s designed to offer a perfect fit and protect your display from any scars.

In other features, the screen protector maintains the display’s touch sensitivity. However, the company recommends enabling the “Increase touch sensitivity” option in Settings to ensure there are no issues. This option will also help with the performance of the in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Additionally, the Caseology Snap Fit is easy to install thanks to the included alignment tray, and you get two glass protectors in each pack.

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Caseology Snap Fit For Pixel 7

Pixel 7’s in-display fingerprint sensor and tempered glass protectors

The in-display fingerprint sensors in the Pixel-series phones don’t have a great track record of working with tempered glass protectors. And unfortunately, the trend continues with the new Pixel 7. Be ready for trouble if you plan to invest in a tempered glass protector for your Pixel 7.

Google blames these issues on the screen protector manufacturers and suggests picking one made by a Made for Google certified brand, like ZAGG, OtterBox, Case-Mate, and PanzerGlass. While you are less likely to have trouble with these brands, there is no foolproof option because Google doesn’t test these products for compatibility. Instead, the manufacturers conduct the tests to meet Google’s compatibility standards.

Alternatively, you can go for TPU or PET screen protectors. While they are not as great at scratch resistance as tempered glass protectors, they work better with in-display fingerprint sensors. Or, you can simply ditch the fingerprint sensor and rely on the newly re-introduced Face Unlock, but it’s only useful for unlocking the phone, nothing else.

Save your precious Pixel 7 screen from damage

Accidents are a sad reality of life, and you don’t know when your Pixel 7 will inevitably fall or when you will bump its screen into a table’s corner. So it’s a good idea to make a screen protector one of the first purchases after ordering the phone. It, alongside the phone case, will help to keep the phone in good condition.

We really like amFilm’s tempered glass protector for the Pixel 7. It’s reasonably priced and will safeguard the display from any mishaps. The company also bundles a nifty alignment tool to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Our premium pick, the Whitestone Dome Glass, is perfect for people looking for the absolute best. The company has a reputation for producing some of the best tempered glass protectors on the market, and its Dome Glass screen protector for the Pixel 7 is no exception. It comes with the company’s liquid dispersion technology and UV-curing to help you get a perfect seal without bubbles.

SuperShieldz’s screen protector is another solid option if you want bang for the buck. Its $10 three-pack includes three solid tempered glass protectors rated for 9H hardness and comes with everything to facilitate an easy installation.

Conclusion on Best Google Pixel 7 screen protectors in 2023

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