Unless you plan to install an emulator, amazing Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. will never be playable on Android. But on the bright side, we can still replicate a similar experience with fantastic alternatives that natively work on the platform. So it may not be Mario and Kirby leading the pack for the games on our list. However, other forthcoming icons are still here to make an impressionable debut — time to dig through the best Android games that deserve full use out of your favorite Android gaming phone.

1 Flash Party

The only way to define Flash Party in a single sentence is that it’s mostly a Super Smash Bros. knockoff. It looks exactly like our Nintendo classic, from the favorable bright colored character palettes to the similarly designed stages and levels — it even has the iconic percentage meter playing into quantifying the character’s vulnerability for being knocked away.

Classic brawl modes make it into Flash Party (like 1v1s and 4v4s), all welcoming ways to pit your fighting skills against your friends. But there are a few differences; most notably, Flash Party is still a mobile title and follows a progression system to keep player retention high. You won’t acquire all the characters off the bat, you either pay for them or unlock them through chests, and some are even battle pass locked. Despite the differences, Flash Party is the closest copycat to Super Smash Bros on Android.

2 Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is known for offering an expansive roster (50 characters released with continual support to add more), much like Super Smash Bros. Part of the fun with these platform fighting games is picking up one character, feeling out their playstyle then swapping to another fighter on the fly. Brawlhalla encourages these experimental ventures by allowing you to create and join custom rooms at your leisure. The game hosts popular well-rounded multiplayer modes, yet Ubisoft still introduced a fair free-to-play structure that ensures competitive integrity stays intact. In addition to the game’s setup, Brawlhalla offers satisfying knock-out animations, slick customizable controls, and controller support. So not only will you find Brawlhalla one of the top pick alternatives to Super Smash Bros., but it also carves out a slot for being one of the best fighting games on Android.

3 Smash Legends

Smash Legends resembles Super Smash Bros. both stylistically and in mechanical fluidity. The cast in Smash Legends comprises re-imagined worldwide fairy tale characters, all brimming with colorful playstyles. In addition, the game offers skin and fashion customizations, so you can make your favorites stand out. Even if the resemblance to Super Smash Bros. seems uncanny at times, there are still a ton of new game modes that keep Smash Legends feeling fresh (including chaos-ensuing modes like King of the Hill and battle royale). Smash Legends has something in it for everyone, whether looking for a remix of classic game modes, friendly clashes with friends, or epic team battles.

4 Ninja Stickman Fight: Ultimate

Playing through iterations of Super Smash Bros., from the original Nintendo 64 release to Ultimate on the Switch, it’s impressive that after generations of new games, it is still satisfying to combo your opponent out of existence while watching them fling up through the air and swiftly get knocked out from the arena. The sheer ridiculous animations and snappy sounds when punching opponents also add a lot to the brawling affair, arguably one of Ninja Stickman Fight: Ultimate’s strongest assets. The exaggerated showdown experience feels like it’s taking a page out of the classic Super Smash Bros. titles, even if you’re not playing to toss your foe into the pit. And a special bonus is that Ninja Stickman Fight: Ultimate’s roster is based on the popular manga and anime series Naruto Shippuden, so if you’re already a fan of both franchises, then you’re in for a treat.

5 Rumble Arena — Super Smash

If you’re looking for a straightforward, more budget alternative to Super Smash Bros., Rumble Arena — Super Smash is a perfect choice. The game only offers a handful of fighters, and the map layout and design aren’t too extravagant to distract you from experiencing the gameplay loop; Rumble Arena is more of a title you’d load up to satiate a craving without needing a powerhouse of a phone to play. In addition, the percentage bar makes a return, so monitoring KO progress is easier than ever. And if you need a break from duking it out with your friends and players online, you can play through the story mode and work on each class’s stats like you would in an RPG. Lastly, the game offers controller support, which is considered a major hallelujah for many players.

6 One Piece: Bounty Rush

In general, the One Piece games don’t require external help finding a space as a 3D arena fighter. It has that well figured out, and for a good reason. But this is precisely what makes both Super Smash Bros. and One Piece: Bounty Rush well-established in this subgenre; both hone in on a suitable cast of characters with extremely captivating battle animations while pulling no punches to deliver enticing updates to the games. Of course, you never worry about these titles lacking in flash and personality, but they still manage to impressively stick close to the source material. So, if you’re in the market for a product of similar quality to Smash, then Bounty Rush has plenty to offer. Hopefully, you’re ready for some competitive pirate thievery while telling your friends, “you snooze, you lose!”

7 Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

If you’re a big advocator of banned items in your Super Smash Bros. lobbies, then Power Rangers: Legacy Wars may trigger some PTSD. Depending on the set of heroes and villains you select, you may engage in scrappy fights with whatever means you have, including swords and firearms. Legacy Wars also features a crossover from Capcom’s Street Fighter series, so you have a healthy roster of characters to choose from (over 80) — a similar trait to Smash’s expanding roster. Of course, with the Legacy Wars growing cast and multiverse setting, the game centers around team battles, including larger-scale multiplayer modes like raids. But overall, Legacy Wars wants to ensure a social experience by having a place to connect with your friends, share strategies, and form powerful alliances to help save the Morphin Grid.

8 Marvel Contest of Champions

Super Smash Bros. is such a hot IP thanks to integrating a unique cast with individually tailored playstyles while managing to add iconic stages. Unfortunately, most games that try to shadow Smash’s success don’t have established IPs to make this happen, which is why Marvel Contest of Champions deserves to be on today’s list. The game draws on Marvel’s strengths of accessing the large roster of heroes and villains to create a team battler/arena fighter. But of course, the incentive is to collect and build teams of heroes and villains capable of plowing through all the challenging content, but the downside of it being a live service game is that it may hold you back from playing your favorites. But so far, if you desire a Super Smash Bros.-like experience with upscaled arena fighting, don’t shy away from trying out Marvel Contest of Champions.

Alternatives to Super Smash Bros. are easy to find

Finding alternatives to Super Smash Bros. that can replicate the magic that took years of build-up from various Nintendo IPs is tricky. Super Smash Bros. is more than just a 3D fighting game; it’s about cultural unity and seeing if potential favorites make the (meta) cut in the competitive scene or if you can out-skill your friends with some sneaky homebrewed strats. But of course, Super Smash Bros. has made history, so that doesn’t mean other Android games won’t try to take the spotlight; Nintendo has yet to make its mark on the mobile market, after all.

Conclusion on Best games like Super Smash Bros. on Android in 2023

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