Best board games on Android in 2023

The intangible charm of board games translates to the mobile platform well, benefiting from streamlined design tweaks borne of technology, not to mention the less extortionate prices of digital goods on the Play Store when it comes to the best games on Android. There’s a lot to choose from within the digital board game realm, so AP has compiled a roundup of the best board game apps on the market. So if you’re partial to engaging in strategic games on your favorite Android phone, you’ve come to the right place.

1 Ticket to ride

Adapted from the board game of the same name, Ticket to Ride is a turn-based strategy game themed around claiming train routes. Players must claim the most routes on the map to win. Given gameplay revolves around studying a map, Ticket to Ride plays great on the best Android tablets’ wider screens. The game supports solo play, local multiplayer, and competitive online play across several DLC maps that offer unique mechanics. So if you’re looking for an engaging experience where every game is different, Ticket to Ride stacks up to the physical edition.

2 Catan Classic

Catan Classic plays exactly like the famous strategy game, now adapted for the mobile platform. Players must gather resources, trade with other players, and develop settlements on a hexagonal map. Each settlement you create earns a victory point, and the first to ten wins. The opportunistic (and, let’s face it, cut-throat) quality of the original is not lost here, forcing players to weigh charity against prosperity. Catan Classic plays smoothly, making excellent use of its touch interface in recreating this famous board game.

3 Galaxy Trucker

Remember FTL? Galaxy Trucker feels similar. Players must build space-worthy vessels and engage in various situations on their journey through the stars. Gather cards to cobble a ship together and roll the dice to see what events you encounter. At the end of the game, the player with the most cash wins. There is a risk and reward element governing your profit margin, with an element of random chance too. The digital adaptation makes allowances for the platform, where the card seizing round’s turn-based options compensate for latency. Galaxy Trucker’s translation is seamless, offering players a tense, contemplative experience with a glib sense of humor that you can’t help but smile at.

4 Antihero

Antihero encourages you to be ruthless in pursuit of area control. Taking charge of a Victorian thief guild, you must steal, extort, and murder your way to economic success, buying up as much property as possible. You’ll upgrade characters as well as property, with unique designs and functions for both. The other player’s movements are obscured, adding to the conspiratorial theme. The aesthetic is impressive, the avatars are cool, and the gameplay encourages sneakiness and creativity. Plus, Antihero is an absolute steal at $4.99.

5 Monopoly

Likely you already know Monopoly, the board game that pits players against each other in a battle of hyper-capitalism. MONOPOLY – Classic Board Game brings back everything you remember from the original table-top version; players move around the board collecting cash, buying up property, and working to bankrupt competing players. The leap to the Play Store has brought plenty of brilliant quality-of-life features. Multiple rule options accommodate newcomers, and online features enable play with friends or randoms; while still housing local multiplayer. MONOPOLY – Classic Board Game is easily on par with the original, with added options and convenience. What’s not to like?

6 Carcassonne: Tiles & Tactics

Carcassonne: Tiles & Tactics focuses on territory acquisition, revolving around placing down tiles that make up the city. The gameplay resembles dominos; the tiles placed need to correspond with each other to progress. Once placed, you can claim the corresponding tile by building structures that yield money. The game ends when no more tiles can be placed, and then the player with the most cash wins. The digital adaptation comes with additional features such as online play and unique, downloadable maps. Carcassonne: Tiles & Tactics challenges your spatial awareness without feeling punished, with additional features such as online play and unique, downloadable maps. Carcassonne: Tiles & Tactics is fully recommended.

7 Raiders of the North Sea

A theatrical mobile game with a great art style, Raiders of the North Sea puts you in charge of a prospering Viking settlement. Goods can be created in your village via wise investments or can be stolen from settlements across the sea. When your turn ends, your opponent undergoes the same process with their village. Settlements are shown on the map with what they provide, and the size of what you can raid increases with upgrades. You have the option of facing an AI or another player online to test your skills in two different ways. Raiders of the North Sea is a complex game but very engaging.

8 Tokaido

Tokaido is a Japanese tabletop game built around four characters that offer unique skills and talents, all focused on a journey down the road. You have the option to play online or against an AI as you travel past multiple locations that offer useful and relaxing facilities. Players must acquire money in their travels and exchange it for food, souvenirs, or victory points. Possessing the most food, souvenirs, hot spring visits, or encounters at the end of the game will grant three extra victory points; the player with the most is the winner. Tokaido is rich with likable attributes found in the best cozy games on Android, like soft and relaxing visual and sound design.

Jump on board with these awesome digital board games

If you want an engaging and varied experience that challenges your intellect, tabletop gaming makes for an excellent hobby. Best of all, your favorite board games are available right now on the Play Store for normal, non-absurd prices. But if strategy games are still on your mind, check out our roundup of the best card games on Android and get your head in the game on your favorite Android gaming phone.

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