Beloved iOS app GoodNotes finally comes to Android, now in beta

Planning our daily lives and jotting down all the thoughts we need to keep track of can feel a little overwhelming at times, and many of us get help from our favorite note-taking app or planner. However, only a handful of them are platform-agnostic, offering synchronization across ecosystems. GoodNotes, one of the most popular options for note-taking on Apple's App Store, is now in beta on Android, vying for a spot on our selection of the best note-taking apps on the Play Store.

GoodNotes, if you’re not yet familiar, is a highly-rated productivity app, initially released for Apple devices. Now it’s getting stated with testing on Android in a limited-seat beta. Participants get full access to the app for free during the test period (the iOS version has some features behind a paywall), but there are still a couple big limitations here.

Maybe the biggest right now is that the GoodNotes beta only works on Samsung Galaxy tablets with an 8-inch display or larger, and at least 3GB of RAM. Enthusiastic redditors point out that this is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which could be detrimental to the overall user experience (while also needing constant internet access).

GoodNotes plans to add support for more Android tablets in the future, but makes it clear the Android app is separate from the iOS version. Unfortunately, that means that notes made on the former won’t sync with the latter, taking a lot of the air out of this new release.

Early user reports also sound a little mixed. The choice to go with a PWA may be a great way to set foot in the Android ecosystem, but they may not deliver an iOS-like fluid experience for features like handwriting input. One Galaxy Tab S7 user observes the S Pen isn't pressure sensitive in GoodNotes, while another says it works. Some new testers also note that the app doesn't work right in portrait orientation. You’re limited to 20 notebooks during the Android beta test period.

If all the acclaim GoodNotes received on Apple devices is any sort of reasonable yardstick, we still have high hopes for its app on Android — even though it is rather basic at present. For example, there's only three pen widths, no support for the S Pen button, and just four main tools to jot down ideas. If you have a Samsung tablet that meets the minimum requirements, you might as well take a look. There's the promise of good things to come for this app, but GoodNotes isn't committing to a timeline just yet.

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