The company is taking an ‘incremental’ rollout to new lengths

The OnePlus 10 Pro is a decent flagship phone, although we found it lacking when compared to the best phones in the market. While the manufacturer has never been the quickest to roll out software updates, things were looking up in September last year when the company began rolling out OxygenOS 13, its iteration of Android 13, for the OnePlus 10 Pro. But the rollout has yet to reach a good portion of owners nearly six months after its initiation. A thread on the OnePlus Community page details the waiting game customers have been playing since September 2022.

User Bobbie63 offers a detailed timeline of the company's update rollout process for the OnePlus 10 Pro, beginning with the OxygenOS 13 betas in August. The manufacturer posted its changelog for the stable OxygenOS 13 update on September 20. On September 26, OnePlus rolls out an OxygenOS 12 (Android 12) update for all regions with the August 2022 patch to device owners in North America, Europe, India, and elsewhere. About three days later, OnePlus began sending out OxygenOS 13 to the same markets while apparently excluding users who received the OxygenOS 12 update days before.

As Android Authority points out, this inevitably led to a situation where OnePlus was issuing both OxygenOS 12 and OxygenOS 13 updates to OnePlus 10 Pro owners almost at the same time. The company acknowledged the state of affairs in the October 21 forum post announcing the latest update on the Android 12 track, even claiming that it was done on purpose and that it’s “normal.”

This is indeed normal. The OOS13 launch is an incremental push, and during this period, the team will continue to push OOS12 builds to the members. This is done so we can ensure the system security and user experience of the devices of people who are still using OOS12.

That October 21 update, however, was the last that Android 12-running OnePlus 10 Pro owners received. Four more updates have since been pushed on the Android 13 track. Meanwhile, the company said this week that it was still in the process of updating OnePlus 10 Pro units across the three regions as well as global units to OxygenOS 13 — just shy of six months after the initial stable update went public.

Not only has OnePlus completely fallen apart on this rollout, but it’s also left its users in the dark about why this is happening. And as those with Android 12 go longer and longer without the latest patches, they become more vulnerable to security threats. This also doesn’t install confidence when it comes to the company’s recent software update guarantee boost for its post-2022 flagship devices — which, we remind you, does not include the OnePlus 11R as this embarrassing communications U-turn indicates.

With OnePlus squarely to blame here, we're hoping the company will develop a viable solution going forward, especially with the OnePlus 11 and beyond.

Conclusion on Android 13 rollout for the OnePlus 10 Pro now in its sixth month

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